It's Probably Time

It's probably time I update this blog that has been so woefully neglected of late. I'd like to blame school for the dearth of fresh content,, wait. That's a good idea.

It's school's fault that I haven't posted lately. Blame school.

Speaking of which, I'm about 2/3 of the way through my master's degree program. If you're new to the program, I'm getting a Master's degree in Russian Studies, a program with a heavy emphasis on literature. Exciting, no? No, it's not exciting. But it's sometimes engaging and every so often, it's actually interesting. Two more classes and I'll be done - May 2015 is the goal. Thus far, I've somehow managed to scrape an A- average over the four semesters I've been at this. That's no mean feat, if I may say so, considering I've also been teaching those semesters and working near-full time hours at the news station.

Home life continues to be a joy. Tamara and I are preparing for a dream vacation to Hawaii to visit Beckie. Along the way we hope to enjoy ridiculously good food, ridiculously warm beaches, and ridiculously volcanic volcanoes. Bacon is as good a pup as ever. He loves cuddling up with Tamara or myself on the couch, loves going on walks, loves meeting new dogs and people, loves treats and mealtime, and loves sniffing ears and chins. Oh, and he still loves eating dried worms from the sidewalk.

Work is good. We continue to have the strongest morning show in the market.

Church is good. I'm really enjoying teaching Gospel Doctrine, and Tamara is having fun working with the young women in our ward.

Overall, I can't complain about the life I'm privileged to live. I have a wife that loves me, a dog that I'm pretty sure likes me, a house that's secure, cars that work, a job that provides and is secure, a family that's awesome.

Cheers for a good life.


Kirsti said…
What a great life you live! May I please possess it for the duration you're in Hawaii? I'm willing to let you have it back for any 3-hour period during the trip, but it is constrained to during the traveling periods.

Take lots of fun pictures of Hawaii, and then maybe blog about the trip ;)
Ellaniemae said…
I am so glad that you finally blogged about your very good life... I am very sad to see that you didn't blog about the awesome people (aka ME!) that you are so blessed to home teach... but I digress...

But, really, I am very, very sad to see that the Marriage Agreement Assessment, Part II (I am assuming that there was a part two, because of the part one) has never surfaced...

But, I too, can't wait for your post-Hawaii blog... Happy Vacationing!!! You work hard, so I hope you play hard too!
We thank Heavenly Father each day for you and Tamara and the blessings that you enjoy.
Peeser said…
Cheers to your good life, indeed! You definitely have much to be proud of. I am happy that you are happy.

And I have been loving all the pictures/videos you and Tamara have been sharing of your epically awesome Hawaii trip! I hope it continues to be amazing, and that you have safe travels home when the time comes.

Love you, bro.
synergy5013 said…
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