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I'm glad Emily did this the other day, because it gives me a reason to post. It might be the only reason my blog still has to live.

Not really. I've had several posts in the works, I just don't have time to actually, you know, write them.


1. What are you watching these days?

First, is it compositionly improper to underline the numbers in a list?

For the most part I'm at the mercy of whatever Tamara wants to watch. Most nights we end up on NBC. Monday - "American Ninja Warrior." Tuesday and Wednesday - "America's Got Talent" ("MasterChef" on Fox when "AGT" is doing their recap show). Thursday - nothing on TV, so Netflix until "Celebrity Game Night" comes on at 9 (if I'm still awake).

Side note: I really need to be a contestant on "Celebrity Game Night," because A) I'd get along INCREDIBLY with every celebrity and they would love me, and B) I'd win every single game.

2. What is your guilty pleasure these days?

Dairy Queen Blizzards. Tamara always gets Banana Cream Pie, I usually go for the flavor of the month (S'Mores, Tripleberry Brownie, etc.). Also, eating out whenever either of us is too tired/lazy to think about cooking at home. When school's not in session, guilty pleasure = LEGO Wii games* (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc.).

You feel guilty/unhealthy just looking at this, don't you?

3. What are you proud of?

Getting most of a summer to-do list done. New blinds, some landscaping, cleaning the baseboards (Tamara did all that, but I'm proud of her)...productivity feels good.

Also, not getting crushed by graduate school yet. Mostly A's so far (one B+).

4. What are you unhappy with?

My body. Not so much in the "I'm not ripped and gorgeous" sense as in the "my stupid joints and back decide to hurt whenever the heck they want and it's really inconvenient and stupid and there's no way to fix it right now because modern medicine sucks" kind of way. Honestly. "Something like rheumatoid arthritis" is the best diagnosis years of tests have come up with, and we're still in a "let's see how this medicine does" phase.

I'm also unhappy with the mental trauma Bacon seems to have suffered since the incessant fireworks from the Fourth of July. He's more skittish now, and downright scared on walks sometimes, often for no reason. It's a hassle, and I feel so bad for him/so angry at the noises that did this to him.

I'm also unhappy with science for not making warp drive or perfectly healthy Ben and Jerry's or Ewoks a real thing yet.

5. If you could take a week's vacation alone somewhere, all expenses paid, where would you go? 

I'd go back to Russia. I've considered selling both kidneys to get to see St. Petersburg, and I could go alone because Tamara isn't all that interested in Russia.

Why would you not want to visit a place that looks like this (in the summer)?
6. If you could take a week's vacation with only Joe, all expenses paid, where would you go? 

Back to Germany or Italy. Walk wherever, do whatever, eat all the doner kebabs and gelato we want.

Or Washington D.C. or New York City. But probably Germany or Italy.

7. If you could take a week's vacation with the whole brood, all expenses paid, where would you go? 

I don't really have a brood. But if we could take Bacon, and he wouldn't run away, we'd go back to the Gulf coast. I think he'd have fun running in the sand. But not the water. He doesn't like getting into water. Weirdo.

If it was all my siblings and parents, Orlando, FL to visit Harry Potter land.

8. What is your current "project"?

I got most of the big ones out of the way over the summer (organizing photos/old stuff from my past). Really, the only thing I'm consistently working on is my schooling. Or my lawn. But that's mostly taken care of beyond mowing.

9. What grosses you out?

Hair in/on/around the bathroom sink.

And Jingo's Chinese food. Maybe it was responsible for me going to the emergency room, maybe not, but I doubt I'll ever want to eat there again.

And spiders. Gosh, how I don't like spiders. There's a morbid fascination with some of them, but mostly eww.

No one wants to see pictures of spiders. Or hairy sinks.
10. What do you want to change?

My waistline. My innate laziness. One of my professor's organization skills (as in, give them some organization skills). America's obsession with celebrities/celebrity culture. My temper (so I'm not so (over)reactive).

11. How's the new house working for you?

We've been in our home for a little more than 3 years, and we love our neighborhood. There's an older couple two houses down who are always pleasant, chatty and delighted to see us out and about. And we have new next-door neighbors who are really nice and willing to take care of Bacon if we're gone.

12. What new with your work?

New newsroom (they gutted the old one and made a brand-new one), new computer that doesn't suck/go really slow. And it's a touch screen. I'm back to my school work schedule, so I leave early three days a week to get a longer nap before class. And I'm so so so so grateful to my boss for being completely cool with it.

13. What is the hardest part about having three kids?

I'm going to change this to "having a dog" because that's what's relevant to me. Related to the above-mentioned Bacon anxiety, there's a constant pressure to make sure he does his business in the evenings. If he doesn't, he'll likely wake Tamara up at 2 in the morning for a walk, when there is no scary noises or other bad things to make him nervous. Really, if he doesn't go, I'm frustrated because Tamara is the one to deal with it, not me. And even if I was at home, like on a weekend, Bacon never comes to wake me up.

14. What is the best part about having three kids?

Again, dog. Bacon brings so much fun and happiness to Tamara and me. It's such a delight to see how excited he gets when one of us gets home after work or school in the afternoon. It's so warm-fuzzy-inducing to see him curled up in a tiny little ball on the couch, or how much fun he has with a new toy, or how he wags his tail like crazy when he gets to meet a new person or a new dog. Just last night I was on the couch trying to grade and Bacon nestled himself in my lap, and I had to quit grading for a few minutes. And I wouldn't have traded that for anything.

It was basically like this, and it was the best part of my day.

15. What are five things you want?

Holy crap, that's daunting.

A) An iPad so I can play "Knights of the Old Republic" on it
B) A lot of movies that aren't out on DVD yet ("The Hobbit" extended edition, "Star Trek: Into Darkness", "Man of Steel")
C) A really nice hardcover set of the "Lord of the Rings" books
D) A waffle bar at work every morning
E) A job where I can teach Russian language skills

16. What is one of your recent "pure happy" moments? 

The one I mentioned above with Bacon on my lap. Or getting to use my new work computer for the first time (I seriously loathed my old, slow stupid computer). Or, and this is dumb, watching "Star Trek: Into Darkness" in IMAX 3D. It was my first IMAX feature film, and that plus the sheer joy at watching a movie I had anticipated like few others was just bliss.

There was one less recently, though (back in March) that I want to remember. Tamara and I had taken a weekend to go to Nauvoo, and because of snow we had to stay an extra day. Having exhausted the options (all two of them) for entertainment in Keokuk (where were were staying), we drove up to Fort Madison to see a movie and eat at Mazzio's. It was driving back to Keokuk that I loved - late evening, not quite all-dark outside, snow covering the countryside, holding Tamara's hand, counting the numerous deer we kept seeing near the road (but not close enough to possibly jump in front of us). I loved that.

17. What are 5 blessings in your life? 

A) Tamara. So patient it shames me, so wise it amazes me, so beautiful it stuns me. In ways I can't express, I am such a better person now than I was seven years ago when we first started dating.

B) My job. Like I said, my boss has been so understanding about my going back to school and really supportive. I also like the feeling that he really appreciates and listens to me.

C) Bacon. Because he's the best dog who ever lived ever.

D) Anchors in my life, like the gospel, Mom and Dad, good talks with good people (siblings, mostly)

E) Health. I know I've got a lot of joint and back issues and what not, but I could be in so much worse shape. Really, I'm blessed to be as healthy as I am.

18. Five favorite things right now:

A) Naps. Man, they feel so good. Edit: I just watched this video, and it's one of my new favorite things ever.
B) Simpsons: Tapped Out (a Simpsons-themed city-building game on my phone)
C) Stephen Colbert dancing to Daft Punk. It's PG-13 because of language at the beginning and the theme of the song, but I have to very sheepishly admit this makes me laugh so hard. If you're as good as Mom and Dad, you will probably be uncomfortable watching it at some points. I'm sorry for that, but really, this is one of the best things I've seen all year.
D) News stories about: bees, wild animals (like wolf attacks), people who think they're actual witches or vampires, and sword attacks (because who uses swords anymore?)
E) My church calling (Gospel Doctrine teacher). I LOVE the discussion/chatter we get going most Sundays.

You, sir, just made the 5:00 news. Now growl for the camera.

19. Five favorite songs right now:

A) "The Lost Boy," Greg Holden - haunting and beautiful and unbelievably poignant (especially if you watch "Sons of Anarchy")
B) "Paradise," Coldplay
C) "Gimme Shelter," Paul Brady and The Forest Rangers - I like it better than the Rolling Stones' original (also from "Sons of Anarchy" - whoever chooses the music for this show is a genius)
D) "Life and Death," Michael Giacchino - one of the recurring themes from "LOST," and in my opinion one of the most beautiful soundtrack compositions ever. It even got me a direct message on Twitter from Giacchino.
E) "Illumination," Gogol Bordello - Eugene Hutz's accent is fun to listen to, but I like the simple melody and the lyrics, even if I don't really know the meaning behind them.

20. What is next? 

Who the heck even knows? I've got at least three semesters left (including this one) before I finish my master's program, and if I can swing things the way I want it will be four semesters/two years. After that: if I can find a good job with my Russian skills/degree, then that's next. If not, I'll stick with KMIZ until they're tired of me, I'm tired of them or the world ends.

*I am just crushed that the new LEGO Marvel game is only coming out on the new Wii U, not the old Wii that we have. I've been itching to play it since I heard about it. Literally itching.

You're costing me a lot of fun this winter break, Nintendo.


Ellaniemae said…
You would really travel with Joe to Italy and Germany? I hope it is a fun trip...
Beckie said…
This was fun for me to read! Glad you adjusted it accordingly. Also, I love that you like Sons of Anarchy (though I'm a full season behind...yikes!), and if you can handle the darkness of that show, and the slight anti-hero parts of it, you should consider Breaking Bad, a show that has made it fun and fascinating to watch a character go from "Goodbye Mr. Chips to Scarface" (an actual quote from the creator.
And it is amazing how much joy dogs can bring into your life. Max is tucked in next to me as I type this, and I just couldn't imagine a single day without this little ball of fur.

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