Twelve Days of Christmas Traditions: Ten Boxes of Frosted Flakes

Everyone's got their traditions when it comes to Christmas stockings. Some do candy, some do toys, some do a combination of both and others do something in between. We Lambsons do an amalgam of candy (holiday themed plain/peanut/mint M&M's and a candy cane), mixed nuts and some piece of fruit (apple, orange, pear, etc.), with a small gift of some kind usually added in by someone (a little bottle of cologne/perfume from Mom and Dad or a mix CD from Beckie...or me...I can't remember).

Kind of like this, but white. And knitted. And our names were on them.

But that's not the point of this post; after all, anyone can do a regular Christmas stocking. We Lambsons take it an awesome step further. With a second stocking. With BREAKFAST!

If there was a way to put this in a stocking that wasn't ridiculously messy,
I'd have done it every year.

It's okay to admit that makes my family's Christmas morning a bit more awesome than the average family Christmas morning. These breakfast stockings were made of felt (as opposed to our knit regular stockings) and had felt Christmas shapes/images sewn onto them. Inside you would find a single-serving box of cereal, a juice box and some kind of breakfast pastry/snack cake (like donut sticks or a small cinnamon roll or something). There may have been more, but my brain stops at cereal and donut sticks.

Nuts to the coffee, just pass the donut sticks. They're better with milk.

Now, the reason for this post's title is that as far back as I can remember, every single Christmas I got Frosted Flakes in my stocking. Maybe as a tiny child I got Frosted Flakes and made some kind of "THESE ARE THE BEST EVER" kind of comment, and that led Mom and Dad to think that's all I ever wanted. Other siblings got Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops or some other sugar-sweetened bliss. I complained about this, mostly to myself for a long time; after all, isn't variety the spice of life?

No, cinnamon is the spice of life. Or garlic. It depends on if you're going
for sweet or savory. Also acceptable: basil, cumin, oregano.

But as I grew older, not only did I realize I was being an ungrateful jerk - a breakfast stocking with Frosted Flakes is better than no breakfast stocking after all - but I came to understand that Frosted Flakes are just wonderful. Seriously, they're so simple and delicious that I could probably eat an entire box in one sitting. The big box, not the little one. Of course I could eat the little one in one sitting. Who can't? Besides Ghandi?

They even taste delicious in Spanish!

This tradition has, unfortunately, gone by the wayside as the level of complication in coordinating such a breakfast effort increases annually. But every time I'm at the grocery store and my eye wanders over a blue box bedecked by Tony the Tiger, I might have to wipe away a tear from nostalgia. And the fact that I'm probably not eating Frosted Flakes or donut sticks at that exact moment.

Seriously, breakfast snack cakes rarely get better than this.


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