What I Am Thankful For This Year

Arrested Development, Agency, Alfred, Animals, Avocados

Beckie, Books, Bed, Baseball, Ben (see also: Jerry)

Cardinals, Cookies, Cake, Computer, Cheetahs

Dad, Donuts, Dairy, Danishes, Defense Department (2 points)

Elise, Emily, Estonia, Earth, Employment

Florence, Food, Faith, Friends, Freedom

Germany, Google, Greece, Genes, Gelato

House, Humor, Hope, Health (relatively speaking), Hamburgers

Ice Cream, Italy, Ibuprofen, Immunizations, Iambic Pentameter

Juli, Joe, Jason, Jeff, Jerry (see also: Ben)

Kirsti, Kebabs, KU Basketball, Kangaroos, Kazakhstan

Lucy, Lonnie Ray's, Lord of the Rings, LOST, Lewis (C.S.)

Mom, Max, Mission experience, Music, Means

Noah, Nuts, Nutella, Nectarines, News

Oatmeal, Oboes, Oceans, October, Olive Oil

Pumpkin (insert dessert here), Popcorn, Paris, Parthenon, Pita

Quebec, Quidditch, Quarters, Quartz, Quiche

Russia, Ryan, Ruby Tuesday, Randomness, Religion

Sarah, St. Louis, Scripture, Star Wars, Sadie

Tamara, Trissy, TV, 30 (Thirty) Rock, Trivia

USA, Unambiguity, Ukraine, Underwear, Ululation

Vehicles, Varns, Vacations, Vanilla Bean, Vending Machines

Wife, Wiles Family, Wii, Wikipedia, Writing

X-rays, X Men, Xenon, Xerox, Xanthan Gum

Yankees, Yoda, Yams, Yard, Yuletide

Zimmer (Hans), Zealand (the new one), Zoos, Zucchini bread, Zombie Shakespeare


Anonymous said…
I love this. Sorry it took me so long to read it.
Emily S. said…
Also, I never commented on this, but I LOVED it. Every letter. Especially E.


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