I know not where the pathway lies.
Dark shadows overhead
Confuse the eye and chill the mind
And fill the soul with dread.

Though told of roads less traveled by
O'er-grown  in unworn state,
I cannot see beyond myself
Dark are my dreams of late.

With sadness, past omissions come,
The present stands with doubt.
With dread and fear the future nears,
Her unknowns sewn throughout.

I know not to where the pathway leads
Through despair's deep, wintry night.
I pray the end stands in my reach,
With hope and guiding light.


Peeser said…
Once again, I am assuming that since no attribution is made to another author, you are the poet... Very nicely done. I like it very much- especially the glimmer of hope at the end, contrasting with the dark tones throughout the rest of the poem.

May hope and light guide you indeed.

(Interestingly enough, the word for word verification is "caspars"- as in "more than one friendly ghost." Appropriate considering the time of year.)
Sarah Lambson said…
This is beautifully written and, I can tell, deeply felt.

I agree with Elise and feel that out of the whole poem, the most important word is hope.

Right after I read this, I went to your link to your Mormon.org page. It said that even after all the tests and the smoke clears that you are still left standing strong in your belief and that is something about you that I have always admired and looked up to.

I CANNOT wait to see you in three and 1/2 weeks!

P.S. if you have not heard Coldplays new song "paradise" here is the link


It's beautiful.
wow. really good. And, I hope this is an old poem because if it is recently written, then the worrying mom comes out....

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