Triginta dies Veritas - Dies VII

Someone who has made your life worth living for.

I don't like this question, because it doesn't even make me think.

Of course the answer is Tamara. Who else would it be?

No one else has given me a reason to put a real effort into becoming better. My parents deserve endless credit for teaching me to be good for my sake, but Tamara gives me reasons to be better for her sake.

Many people are content to be. Fewer are content to be good in and of themselves. Fewer still strive to grow that good in themselves for the sake of others.

I'm trying to be better for all that, but mostly to be worthy of what Tamara gives to me. Not because I want to deserve it (I do), but because it's what I promised to her August 3, 2007.

And because she deserves it.


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