ثلاثين يوما من الحقيقة -- اليوم 8

Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like dirt.

NOTE: Today's title is in Arabic in honor of the rebels' victories in Libya. Sit on it, Moammar.

While today's question isn't my favorite, I'm okay with it because I've already done this one! Not related to this "30 Days" bit, mind you, but the first person who pops to mind, after the Russian morons mentioned last week, is none other than He-Who-Has-Been-Officially-Dubbed-Nemesis: Starch Cotton.


Those are the question marks in your head, if you know not of whom I speak. Allow me to enlighten you. Or, rather, allow these links to enlighten you:

Episode I of the Saga of Starch Cotton

In summary, Starch Cotton is an anagram of the villain's real name, which I will not utter here. Why a villain? Because he antagonized me in not one, but BOTH of my professional positions at the time. BOTH, I tells ya! Thus, his nom de usage for this blog.

That is all.


Peeser said…
Well, now you have whetted my curiosity about this Mr. Starch (which is a GREAT super-villain name!)... is there any way you can tell me privately who he is?
(I'm not in a patient mood for anagrams...)

I'm glad you've moved on. I doubt petty people like him ever really do. I can't imagine they ever get to feel real peace in their lives when they're always so uptight about something.

(Interesting, don't you think, that my word verification is "rasher"?)
Steve said…
Starch Cotton de-anagramizes into Scott Charton. He now runs his own PR (not Puerto Rican) business, so the occasional e-mail comes to my inbox (since I'm grouped into our general news e-mail account).

Also, "rasher" makes me think you have something contagious, and I don't want to be near you.

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