Тридцать дней Истины - День 2

Business first - looking at the rest of the "30 Days" challenge, some of the topics are interesting, others are potentially controversial, and some are just...odd. Thusly, (it's a word) don't be surprised if EITHER put something funny (because that's who I am) or keep my answer short or whatever. Been warned, you have (thanks, Yoda).

Okay, onto the topic at hand: Something You Love About Yourself

If we're talking physical attributes, I'm going to have to go with my calves. I'm overweight- not morbidly so, but overweight nonetheless. I have been for some time now, but my calves have always been well-shaped. They suggest a physical fitness I do not claim.
Imagine these with hair. And no oily grossness.

If you think this is weird, just know my dad is very proud of his feet.

But if the day's topic is on something not physical, I'm going to have to go with my sense of humor. I laugh easily and long, and can find humor in a lot of things.

I imagine I look like this when I'm laughing, only less gold and no dragon on my shoulders.

I love a good comedy, a funny TV show or a fine joke, but only if they have taste (sorry, Family Guy, your classlessness carries no water with me). Maybe that sounds a bit holier-than-thou, but it only is if you have a dumb sense of humor.

Okay, I can't back that up, since even I find this funny:


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