Tourope 2011

See what I did there? I combined "tour" and "Europe." Wordplay is such sweet sorrow. What?

Okay, so in a short while, we (the wife and I) are taking off for Europe for the next 2.5 weeks. Our destinations, in this order: St. Louis, Missouri > Chicago, Illinois > Munich, Germany > Heidelberg, Germany > Dachau, Germany > Reims, France > Paris, France > Versailles, France > Nice, France > French Riviera, France > Barcelona, Spain > Madrid, Spain > Toledo, Spain > Madrid, Spain > Chicago, Illinois > St. Louis, Missouri.

Also, Tamara has a fun little photo quiz on her blog related to Tourope 2011 (still see what I did there?):

Okay, I'm gone.


Peeser said…
I'm still not seeing what you did there. ;)

Have fun!

(And remember, "Bring me back something French!")
genevieve said…
You gave away the answers to Tamara's photo quiz, is what you did there! ;)
Emily S. said…
I don't get it.

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