The Helmsman

Though gale or storm of mighty force
Breathe out a terrible blast,
Though threatened be the vessel's course
Still the helmsman will stand fast.

Though towering waves of titan size
Push the vessel to an fro,
Though threaten they the small ship's course,
Still the helmsman won't let go.

Though fear in heart, despair of soul
Make lesser sailors quail,
With courage of the lion's kind
Never will the helmsman fail.


Peeser said…
So, owing to the lack of any cited author, am I to presume that you are the writer of this poem?

It is a very nicely-written poem- I really like the message and the imagery (and the artwork to go along with it is fantastic!)

Thanks. Happy Midweeksday to you! :)

(My "word" verification letters were: "gullie"- I think we should start using it as an abbreviation for gullible. As in, "You're gullie if you think I'll fall for that again..." I think it could work :)

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