Star Wars Technology, Reduced to Mere Symbols

While chatting on Facebook with a certain JLB, we developed an idea which to my opposite-of-chagrin has not been done. There are versions of it, but not as we developed it, making our idea original and unique (at least as far as a Google search is concerned, and that's pretty much internet doctrine- if Google don't show it, it ain't been done).

I'm talking about basic Star Wars-themed emoticons. You know, the :)'s and the :O's and :('s and :S's. You've seen them all over the place, even if some of them are weird and nigh-incomprehensible.

Here's how it evolved/unfolded/came to fruition: The aforementioned JLB and I were talking. JLB hates when people use "lol" in any context. To avoid censuring while trying to convey the same idea, I used the following substitutes: | (the alternate character on the "\" key), 0 (number zero), and | again. Together, you get "|0|", which resembles a TIE Fighter from Star Wars. From there we got the following (repeating the TIE Fighter symbol with a visual reference):

-------------------------- |o|----- a TIE Fighter, first seen in "Star Wars: A New Hope"

-------------------------- (0)----- a TIE Interceptor, first seen in "Return of the Jedi"

--------------------------- {o}----- a TIE Advanced x1, like Darth Vader flies in "Star Wars: A New Hope"

---------------------------- [o]----- a TIE Bomber, first seen in "The Empire Strikes Back"

----------------------------- >o< ----- an X-Wing fighter, first seen in "Star Wars: A New Hope"

------------------------------ o+-- ---- a B-wing fighter, first seen in "Return of the Jedi"

Now, in case you're wondering:
  • |o| is not as good as >o<.
  • (0) is faster than |o|, but still not as good as >o<.
  • Of all the TIE options mentioned in this post, {o} is superior.
  • >o< is probably equal to |o| |o| |o| or (0) or {o}.
  • o+-- is stronger than |o| or (0), but |o| and (0) are each faster than o+-- and would thus likely win.
  • [o] are just all around awful.

Make sense?>


Peeser said…

You know, I don't think I ever asked/found out what, exactly, TIE stands for. I know I could probably look it up on Google, but I thought I'd give you a chance to push up your nerd-glasses and share this knowledge that you inevitably have and have probably been dying to share!


(Considering the vehicles discussed on this post, it is rather funny that the "word" for the word verification is "steera". (You know, almost like "steer" which is what you'd have to do with any of the fighters mentioned... Okay, nevermind.)
Steve said…
TIE = Twin Ion Engine. Though I can't discard the hunch that George Lucas named them such because of their bowtie-like appearance.
Sarah Lambson said…
Being a Star Wars nerd, I LOVE this idea. I am now going to use O+-- all the time as a substitute for ): Except it also kind of looks like the symbol for female.

I would also like to make a point of saying that these are Star Wars VEHICLE themed emoticons. I want o see a Yoda or and R2D2 emoticon now!
Leon said…
I'm so happy about this. Ecstatic.
Julina said…
So Sarah, why is the O+-- your frowny and not [o], which Steven says are "all around awful" (not that I'd know myself) - and why focus on the ): anyway, Debbie Downer...

And Steven, I'm inclined to go with your theory that the name TIE came first and then the "reason" for each of the letters. And here's my non-Star Wars nerd moment - the original TIE fighter looks even more like a "capped column" snowflake than it does a bow-tie. :)

(PS, if this posts, please share your settings w/ mom so she can mirror them...)

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