Florentine Lullaby

Rain falls onto cobbled stones,
while soft thunder echoes through urban canyons;
the evening storm carries me
into sleep and Florentine dreams.


Tamara said…
love the new blog layout, babe! not sure how long you've had it, but I just noticed :). Like the new title, too.

I love that pic...brings back so many memories from Seth to Gelatto. Ummmm...I could use some of that right now. Minus the rain and that one place that gave us a small scoop for 5 euros. ugh.
Kirsti said…
Nice layout! And title! Tamara took the words out of my mouth...or fingers?

And is that poem written by you? Because if so, you are probably one of the very few poets I can stand reading. And that, my friend/brother, is a HUGE compliment since I hate poetry. If not, then who's the poet and where can I get more of his/her stuff?

P.S. I'm extremely jealous of your adventures in Europe, even if they were sometimes less than satisfactory...or irritating.
Emily S. said…

Miss Italy.

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