The economy is collapsing. The world around us, in a social and political sense, is falling apart. Things as we hafve come to know them are disappearing, and there comes an indispensable choice:

(Side Note: The above statements are meant strictly to set up a hypothetical situation and are in no way meant to reflect any opinions on the actual current state of affairs. Thank you.)

Which fast-food restaurant do you save?

You can only save one; there's not enough room in the new (and once again, hypothetical) fragile economy for others. Moreover, non-fast-food resources are severely limited, so you will have to return to the lone fast-food restaurant very frequently (How do you pay for the food if the economy is in the proverbial crapper? I said this is a hypothetical situation, not a hypothetical thesis. Use your imagination. Literally.).

So which one is it? Wendy's? Taco Bell? Hardee's/Carl's Jr.? Subway? Remember, this is the only fast food you'll ever eat again, so choose wisely.

I'd save McDonald's.

I really would.

I know, I know. At this point, thoughts are racing through your brain likely sounding like the voice of Michael Bluth: Them?

But it's absolutely true: McDonald's is the one fast-food place at which I could always eat. Morning, noon, night, middle of the night, Tuesday, Thursday, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Rosh Hashanah, Lent, and any syzygy you like.

Now, I don't often crave McDonald's, as in "A Number __ value meal with a Hi-C Orange is the only thing that will make me, my mouth and my stomach happy." No, the cravings are few and far between.

But I am always in the mood for/open to eating at McDonald's. I can't possibly fathom a situation where I would say, "No, I don't feel like McDonald's at all."

Yes, yes, I worked there for nearly four years during/after high school. Yes, I ate there a lot. A ton (and yes, I gained a lot of weight). But I never got sick of it. Maybe that's due to the fact that as an insider, so to speak, I could come up with all kinds of crazy delicious variations on the food (put some cheese and bacon in between two Big Mac middle buns, grill it, you got yourself a grilled cheese; baked lemon pie + ice cream, you got yourself a lemon pie a la mode; throw some quarter pounder patties, a McFlurry, some McRibs, fries and Diet Coke in the fryer, you got yourself a stew). No, I never got sick of it at all.

And while we're on the subject (?), let me say that I refute any claims that McDonald's uses mystery meat in any of their regular products. McRibs, maybe, but they're still so good.

Even after that illustrious career at the Columbia Mall McDonald's (slogan: We Don't Discriminate at Our Store- We Hate Everyone), I feel confident I could eat McDonald's every day. Or, at least, more often than any other fast-food restaurant without getting supremely sick of it.

Call me weird, gross, whatever. Just don't forget the hot mustard for my McNuggets.


Julina said…
Yeah, McD's is pretty good, and if you were in charge of this hypothetical choice, I could live with it, but if it was me, I think I'd have to say Wendy's. I'm just glad you didn't say Hardees - I might have had to disown you
gd said…
Thank you, thank you, Steven, for giving voice to what we all know is true. Why is this a secret shame to anyone? McDonald's is freaking GOOD. And it's ALWAYS good. And I NEVER get sick of it. And no, of course we're not gonna go all Super-Size Me and eat all our meals there for a month, but a couple times a month or so is FINE.

(Oh, and I'd definitely say I crave it. Especially now that I've allowed the Big Mac into my life after 32 years of avoidance.)

Kirsti said…
McDonalds would have to be my second choice, though I do admit their breakfasts are tantalizingly amazing, despite the fact that I'm eating pure grease in between inches of lard. But my first choice, purely because of their drinks and popcorn chicken, would be Sonic. I always crave Sonic. ALWAYS.

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