Glimpses of Genius? You Decide

In the last48 hours, I had two ideas that could be big money-makers with the right marketing and some good ol'fashioned bribing.

1) The Big Mac'N'Cheese -

Picture this: a 1/3 pound ground sirloin burger, the usual fixings (onion, pickle, lettuce, mustard, ketchup), and on the patty, Macaroni and Cheese. Yeah, sounds weird, but so does this. And my burger wouldn't look as weird. I'm tellin' ya, it could be a hit. The only potential setback: McDonald's would sue my guts out if I tried to market it with this name.

2) Parent Trap - Yeah, it's been done ad nauseum. Sequels, "part 3's", remakes, yadda yadda yadda. But this one's different.

It starts out the same (more or less): two girls, Hannah and Allie, who look identical meet at college and find out they share common parentage. Jealous of the care they never got from having two parents, the girls scheme to reunite Mom and Dad by having one of the twins, Allie, get into a car accident. The resulting grief would bring both parents back together and they would fall back in love. It works almost perfectly, except that Allie ends up in a coma. Twist #1: this is what Hannah wanted all along. Turns out, Mom and Dad are each independently wealthy, and Hannah is after the combined inheritance. She plans to pull the plug on her twin at first opportunity. Twist #2: Allie wakes up early and starts to suspect her sister's scheming. What follows is a deadly game of cat and mouse in which Hannah tries to secure her financial future, and Allie tries to protect the family she never had.

Truly a silver screen gem in the making, yes? I thought so. As far as cast goes, I'm thinking John Cusack as the dad, Sandra Bullock as the mom, and open to suggestions.

Okay, let's wrap this weird-fest up with a question (please answer to slake my curiosity, either in the comments or in your own post): What six categories would make up your Jeopardy! Dream Board?

My dream board?

- "The Lord of the Rings"
- Warcraft Lore
- "The Simpsons"
- U.S. Military History
- Name that Celebrity Voice (audio clues)
- Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (geography)


My five:
* classical music
* parts of the cello
* names of my seven children
* names of the NINE pets I take care of each day
* books by Orson Scott Card

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