A Mini Mish-Mash of a Survey

This little survey-ditty comes courtesy of one of the bloggers at Mental Floss, a fantastic whimsy of a website. You can read his original answers, but I'm putting up my answers today. Feel free to share your answers, either on your own blog or in the comments.

1. If you could have been born in any year and grow up in that era, which year would you choose? Why?

I think I'll stick with 1982. Life's more or less fallen into pretty good places for me being when I am, so I'm good.

2. What company or store that’s gone out of business in the last two years do you miss most?

W.G. Grinders. Man, I miss me a good toasted sandwich as only Grinders knew how to make. What I wouldn't give for a turkey reuben grinder or chicken salad grinder or chicken cordon bleu grinder. Nuts.

3. Who’s the strangest person you’ve called a co-worker, and what made him or her so special?

Having worked in the restaurant and news businesses, there are a lot. The one that comes to mind is a guy named Jason, native of St. Charles MO, who was one of the funniest/most disturbing people you'll ever meet. No matter what he said, even pop culture references of which I was ignorant, it was hilarious. He would do anything you told him to do just to do it. A quick recreation:

Jason: What are you worried about? Lemon juice doesn't hurt if it gets in your eye.

The rest of us: Yeah it does.

Jason: Whatever.

The rest of us: Okay, do it.

Jason: Alright. (squirts lemon juice in his eye, waits a few seconds). AH! Okay, that hurts!

Also, Jason has a weird thing about one of his eyes that makes it look off-center. It's not a lazy eye, it's something about the pupil. A bit creepy.

4. If you could take one class this year—regardless of whether that class exists or is offered in your vicinity—what course would you choose? (Examples: Hitchcock Movies, Intro to Japanese, The War of 1812, How to Make Cookies, Making Sense of Printer Error Codes, The Life & Times of Conrad Bain, etc.)

C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein- A Comparison and Contrast of Contemporaries (something examining their fiction writings, how they're the same/different, each writer's use of philosophical/theological/mythological/historical elements, etc.)

Okay, your turn.


Emily S. said…
Ah, Grinders... I want to weep! But loved all your answers!!

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