Holy Awesome Unexpected Present!


This is what I never expected to get for Christmas. About a month ago, I had made a completely mindless, inane and off-hand comment to the effect of, "I think I'd like a guitar for Christmas."

Did Tamara hear it? Yes. Did I expect her to get me one? A little part of me entertained the possibility until Christmas morning, when a guitar failed to be under our Christmas tree. Indeed, I had crowned myself king of the 2009 Lambson family gift-giving by providing a new CD clock radio AND tickets to see Tim McGraw to my wife.

Then, when we got to Tamara's parents' house, my kingdom crumbled. As I was helping to prepare waffles for breakfast, Tamara told me to join her in the living room. As I entered, my gaze fell upon a long, big, flat box, and my heart soared! I knew immediately that my secret Christmas wish, forgotten in receiving movies and video games and comfy clothes for the holiday, had been realized.

Tamara got me a guitar! A fantastic, beautiful, sweet-looking acoustic guitar! I think the only thing that came close to how excited I was is Tamara's satisfaction at completely surprising me and giving me something she knew I would love.

Wow. My hat is forever off to you, dear wife. I really don't know how I'll ever top that.

Now that I've got a guitar, maybe I have a shot at becoming one of these:

Yeah, right.


Tamara said…
Yes, I did surprise you, and it was perfect timing! I'm glad you love it so much. I always dreamed of having someone sing to me w/ a guitar and write me a song. Maybe next year that can be MY surprise?? hmmmmm.....just an idea!

♥ you!
Leon said…
Dude, let's jam together. Or play Wii. Or maybe Catan or Starcraft 2. Wow, I just realized how awkward this sounds.

Whatever. Biscuits & Gravy and JELLY.

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