A Universe Full of Swift Beatles

A little riddle for your Friday morning- what do these three pictures have in common?

Okay, obvious answers would be music, singers, hit records, etc. etc. etc.

But that's not the answer I was looking for. Let me explain.

So I have weird dreams. If you've been following the blog since the beginning, you may remember this little reminiscence from almost two years ago. Well, Thursday night, as I was napping before work, I had another celebrity-infused dream, this time featuring country music princess Taylor Swift.

Why her? It's not because of some crush or infatuation. She's a very talented singer, but most of her songs are too "high-school-aged-love-story"-centric for my liking. It's likely because Tamara and I were talking about her after dinner in relation to her presence in the game "Band Hero." I had seen a commercial advertising the game and featuring Taylor Swift, so that's probably where that weirdness came from.

So, here's the replay:

I was at some sort of social gathering at some house (no idea whose or where), and among others, Ms. Swift was there as well. I was at a computer looking at music when she asks about the soundtrack to the film "Across the Universe" (again, no idea where this came from, since I have never seen nor plan to see it).

I told her that the music from the movie featured covers of songs by The Beatles. That's when Ms. Swift asked, "Who are The Beatles?" It was kind of like that SNL Celebrity Jeopardy with Catherine Zeta-Jones (played by Lucu Liu) when she asks "Who are The Beatles? I've never heard of them."

So I start to explain who The Beatles are, but for some reason I do it in a British accent. For context, I'd say I sounded kind of like this guy. It was a dang good accent, if I do say so myself. Anyway, mit einem Akzent, I explain to Ms. Swift who each of band members is, as well as their fate (Lennon was shot, Harrison died of cancer, McCartney has been divorced, and Starr is stuck in obscurity).

That's where the remembered part of the dream ends.

What does it mean? Nothing. Will it happen again? Who knows? Am I to be haunted by the dream-avatar of one of country music's biggest stars? I hope not.


Kirsti said…
Wow, Taylor Swift? First you see the Twilight trailer (your excuse on why is still weak, I'm gonna need hard evidence), and now you're dreaming about Taylor Swift. If I didn't know any better, I would think you're becoming one of those really femme mormon boys that are so plentiful out here in Utah. But I do know better. You're just going insane ;) Love ya, brother! (said in a Buster-like way)
Peeser said…
Actually, I think it means that you are a reincarnated Beatle. Hmmm... I believe John Lennon died in 1980 (maybe 1981), so you are probably him. You need to start growing your hair out a bit and wear those round glasses that dominated his look in the later years and start going around singing "Imagine..."
Maybe that's where your dang good British accent came from, too.

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