Calling All Heroes

If you missed Tamara's blog entry about our latest acquisition, let me catch you up: using the money saved from my slaving at Ruby Tuesday on Saturdays, we indulged our inner childs on Friday and bought ourselves a Nintendo Wii.

Included in this little splurge is the Guitar Hero: World Tour complete band set, with guitar, drums and microphone for those wailing vocals.

I've never played any kind of these games before last week, and I'm hooked. How fun is it to rock out to "Today," "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Hotel California," even if the game is set to easy.

So far, Tamara is the resident guitar heroine, while I'm getting better and better at rocking the drums. We take turns on vocals, but like playing the instruments better.

When we first got the game, we were distraught to learn that not all the songs were available right off the bat. Of course it makes sense- it gives you something to work for. But dang it, we wanted to rock out now!!!!

Fortunately, veteran Guitar Heroines Sarah and Kirsti came over Saturday and showed us their heavy mettle, getting us beaucoup points and dollars for our band, "Mad Supremacy." Then, last night, we rocked out with our neighbors Andrew and Sarah, working up a good exercise with our mastery of music.

So it's fun, it's loud and oh so awesome- if you're in town, give us a call and we just might start you on your own path to becoming.....a GUITAR HERO!!!

UPDATE: Check out my new avatar to the right- he's more or less what my rocker looks like in the game!


Emily S. said…
My comment to Tamara applies to you, too.

Beckie swears I will adore this, so we'll come challenge you this summer sometime.

Oh, and Joe loves drums and guitar. He can be on your team.
Julina said…
Don't know about the Guitar Hero, specifically, but after a couple of general Wii exposures, I decided that if I were to indulge in a game system, that'd be it :-)


Too bad there's never enough time when I get over there for a visit. Sigh.

BTW - as I type this, your avatar is rocking out to Sarah McLachlan World on Fire. It's kind of a funny contrast :-)
Peeser said…
Okay,okay- maybe I'll have to give this a go after all. I will admit a little skepticism at first, despite Sarah's and Kirsti's rave reviews, but I've heard enough positive comments about it that I might just have to make time for it the next time I'm in town...I don't know if I'd be any good at the instruments, but I can sure give those rockin' vocals a try... :)

It was great to see you both this trip- and I have already put Mr. Jelly Belly to use!

Take care!

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