Okay, so it's been a while. A looooonnnngggg while. A lot's happened. We've been busy. Sue me.

This won't be real involved. In fact, it will be very lightly involved. It's a way of ensuring the blog-scanning world that I am still alive.

So, the big thing is that Tamara and I had a wonderful Spring Break in Arizona. Pictures and video will be forthcoming, but is short: we stayed with her sister Marlena, her family (husband and two cute nephews), and her other sister Andrea.

We flew out on Saturday (March 21), and walked around a ton at the airport and at the Phoenix Mills (huge mall). That night my knee started hurting, and it continues to hurt to this day (plus, my other knee hurts this morning. Ugh.). So that kept me hobbling around.

Monday night we had awesome barbecue, courtesy of Marlena's husband. My knee didn't stop us from going to the zoo on Tuesday. Wednesday, Andrea treated us to dinner and we went to see a movie. We came home Thursday. The rest of Spring Break was full of catching up at home and work.

Speaking of movies, I just finished a review of all the movies Tamara and I saw in March. You can check it out at my relatively new website that I share with my friend Jeff. If you haven't been there yet, check it out- it's still new/under construction, but there's some stuff. And regarding my story, my muse is on vacation right now, plus I'm still fleshing some things out. I hope to have something up soon.

March Madness sucks. Except for Mizzou winning into the Elite Eight. I'm glad MU decided to pony up and pay Mike Anderson what they needed to keep him around.

Okay, that's all I can think of.



Peeser said…
Hey-I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to AZ (does Tamara's sister live IN Phoenix or some other part of AZ?) I can hardly wait to see the photos and hear more of the details. Glad you're still alive (although Ms. Grammarian would simply point out that the correct word would be "assure," not "ensure." "Ensure" means "to make sure or certain" while "assure" means "to reassure, to remove doubt, to inform positively.")

Love ya! :)

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