Easter Fun!

This is the first time I am trying to upload video from our little Flip camera to my blog, so hopefully it works.

This past Easter weekend is also the first time I got to see Noah walking on his own, so of course that's what I would spend precious camera minutes filming. If you haven't seen it, it's adorable.

First, Noah finds Trissy in the back yard.

Then Noah does some cleaning to help his mom's photo session.

Man, I got the greatest nephew.

Em, I hope this is okay. If you want me to take the vids down, give me a holler and consider it done.


Peeser said…
Um, how adorably cute is that?!? ;)
Thank you for sharing those clips- it is almost as good as if I had been there myself...
What a delightfully charming kid!
gd said…
What Elise said...DANG that was cute. His little, tiny steps as he explores the driveway...?!! CUTE!!!!

Thanks for giving us a peek at Noah's Easter!

Tamara said…
Ummmm...when will you be posting videos of our OTHER nephews!

And just so everyone knows...Steven LOVES videotaping people these days, so if you see him out and about, hope your mug shot doesn't appear here on the blog shortly after! ha ha

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