At Last

For those parties interested in the little literary ditty I'm working on right now, I'm pleased to announce a major step forward. I've managed to flesh out the vast majority of the main character's history to a point of satisfaction (meaning I don't plan on changing it in any major way any time soon).

So, if anyone has been waiting patiently for more, this is your week: every morning, I will post another part of the character's 5-part back story. Today I've posted part I, which deals with his childhood.

If you've been following the blog, let me inform you that this latest history trumps/cancels out/does away with all previous back stories and such. If you liked any particular thing from those old back stories, let me know and maybe I can work it back in.

If you haven't seen my story blog yet, head on over and give it a look. Maybe it's not your thing, but maybe you'll like it. Either way, any and all feedback is welcome.

UPDATE: Okay, I missed Wednesday's entry, so Thursday morning I put up parts 3 and 4 of the back story. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion on Friday!!!


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