At the behest of my wife, who gave me all kinds of grief for posting Easter video before movies from Spring Break, here are the snippets of our trip to Arizona.

Two notes before we begin: first, I bought this camera for my wife, yet I'm always the one who brings it out. Second, I absolutely hate how my voice sounds on recordings. Hate it.

Okay, we start with Sione having all kinds of fun blowing bubbles and watching the Maricopa wind carry them away:

Next, Sione decided pushing Filipe around in the stroller would be all kinds of fun:

At the Phoenix Zoo, the nephews were all excited about going to the petting zoo area. But I guess the goats were too scary for Filipe:

This is the baby orangutan at the zoo, doing his playful thing. I think we stayed at this spot for at least 15 minutes (a long time for a zoo). With my bum leg, I had to go sit down.

Cheetahs are my absolute favorite animal. So every time I go to the zoo, I want to go see the cheetahs. I'd watch them all day if I could. In Phoenix, we passed them briefly on a little train/wagon ride, but that wasn't enough. So while the newphews played in a treehouse, I went back for a better look at the cheetahs, despite my bum leg and the fact they were on the entirely other side of the park. But it was, and always will be, worth it.

The next two are from the carousel ride that finished off our outing to the zoo. The nephews loved it!

Okay, and here's a random closer- since it never made it to the blog until now, here's the first video ever shot with our Flip camera (I love this thing!). It's me, Tamara and some golf clubs versus and nasty pickles. The video tells the rest.


Tamara said…
Cute video clips, even though the pickle one was a bit much, ok?!?!?! But still...nice job at capturing lifes lil moments for our nephews!

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