A little wrap-up, if you will:

First, I tried to go with the green motif in honor of St. Patrick's Day...but it got on my nerves. Too bright. So the colors now reflect those of the doing-better-than-probably-anyone-expected-at-the-beginning-of-the-season Mizzou Tigers, who just trashed the #4 Oklahoma Sooners last night, 73-64. M-I-Z!

(whisper: this is where you say Z-O-U!)

Picture courtesy of the St. Louis Post Dispatch

Okay, second, last night my wife made me do something truly bizarre. At the recommendation of Melanie (to whom I owe for this disgusting experience), Tamara got on the "saline nasal rinse" bandwagon. Basically, you squirt lukewarm salt water up your schnoz, it breaks up the snot, and washes it out your other nostril. If you do it right, you don't get too much of the gag-inducing salt water in your mouth...but a little bit is inevitable. It's gross, uncomfortable (feels like getting water up your nose at the pool), and leaves nasty mucus chunks in your sink. Sorry to be graphic, but you need to get as much of the experience as you can beforehand. It's supposed to help clear up colds and congestion.

(Seriously, this is one of the least gross pictures I could find. All the real photos were disgusting. Do a Google Image search for "saline nasal rinse," and you'll see what I mean.)

And to be fair, my nose feels clearer than it has in a month. So I'll probably do it again tonight. But it's still gross and unpleasant. But my wife is a new convert and will swear by it to anyone.

And finally, Google has a feature that lets you create your own website. Granted, it's not like you get your own domain name like my sister just got- it starts out like "sites.google.com/sites/", and then your site name. And it won't be super fancy, but it's fun anyway.

I made one which brings to fruition something my friend Jeff and I talked about years ago- a site where can talk movies, sports, and anything else.

Here's the address*: http://www.sites.google.com/site/haffasopinions/

Now, to save you the trouble of going there every day to see if something new has been posted (if you are so inclined), I will post HERE on this blog a quick update, saying something like, "Hey, there's new stuff over on the Haffas website." Incidentally, I will also do the same for any updates to my Warcraft-related story that has its own blog.

So, THIS blog will be your one-stop-Lambson-shop that will occasionally feature notifications about updates to my two other sites.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm out.

Go Tigers!


J.Ammon said…
It's good you didn't go with green. Why there's a holiday to celebrate drunken redheads is beyond me. And for some reason your congestion made me think of Crocidile Dundee where he puts all the cocaine in the water for the guy to inhale...

Go Mizzou!
Peeser said…

(So, do you think they may actually have half a chance in the NCAA tourney this year? When I listen to NPR in the mornings, I only get local Indiana teams (IU isn't doing so hot- big surprise- but I think Purdue has done okay...)
Tamara said…
Love the color mottif, babe! ALSO, I went and googled "saline nasal rinse"...you shoulda put the one where the lady has a WATERING CAN to her schnozzz...it was unforgettable! AND HECKS YA...it's the best stuff since the microwave was invented, lemme tell ya!


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