Endless Fun (For Now)

Tamara, I promise I'm going to do the post you tagged me in soon. But I couldn't resist talking about this.

One of the production assistants here at the station clued me in to a function/program/tool that Microsoft offers in Windows. It's called "Text to Speech." Basically, you type text into a box and you can hear the computer read it back to you. But it's not just any voice- it's something like a mix between the "Speak and Spell" voice and the talking computers from 80s movies. And it's awesome! You can manipulate how fast or slow it reads, and it always incites a smile.
Or it did for me, anyway. But I am easily amused. But try it. Maybe you'll like it.

Here's how to get to is (for Windows XP):

UPDATE: Sorry the pictures aren't bigger and the words are small. Hopefully it'll suffice as a visual guide.

1: Go to the Start Menu

2: Click on "Control Panel"

3: Click on "Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices."

4: Click on the "Speech" icon, under the heading "or pick a Control Panel icon."

5: When the box pops up, click on the second tab, called "Text to Speech."

From there, it's simple. You can select one of two male voices, or a female voice. Then there's the box where you type the text (I haven't tested possible length of text entered). Finally there's the speed control. This basically shortens/lengthens the space between words- it doesn't make the voice sound like Jabba the Hutt or a chipmunk (maybe next time, Windows).

There you go. It was fun for me, maybe it will be fun for you. Just don't forget to turn your speakers on.


Julina said…
If you think that's fun, you should try the other "accessibility features", like changing the mouse pointer speed and pointer trails, Sticky Keys, etc...

And Vista has even more features that are even easier to access ("Narrator" - reads aloud any text on the screen- "Magnifier", "Speech Recognition", etc...)

Fun times (and to think it used to only be tech geeks and OT's who knew about these...)
Julina said…
OK, you're right - text to speech really is the best one...

emily said…
Love the shaky mouse-pad handwriting... LOL!

And your desktop photo is NICE! Love that family!

Can't try this just now becauase both my boys are sleeping. But believe you me, I WILL be attempting this!

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