This is What I'm Reading, Em

Earlier this week, Emily had a fun post about her nighstand cluttered with books, and she challenged readers to share their nightstands.


Okay, so I like to read as well.  The reason for so many books?  Some years ago, my mom told me about a little reading system she was trying, where she'd read three books at a time: one educational, one spiritual, and one fun book.  I don't know what the rotation schedule is (different one each day, each book has its own week, etc.), but a couple of months ago, I decided to give it a whirl.

So, the right-hand stack explained, from the top down:  "Fellowship of the Ring" by J.R.R. Tolkein (my fun book), "Meek and Lowly," by Neal A. Maxwell (my spiritual book), "Doctrines of Salvation, Volume III," by Joseph Fielding Smith (another spiritual book, but fun as well because there are so many interesting doctrinal tidbits in it), and "1776," by David McCullough (educational...and also a lot of fun to read).

Then, moving clockwise, there are my scriptures and marking pencil- when I remember to read my scriptures, I do so before retiring for the day (I work a graveyard schedule and sleep during the day).

Next, a picture of Tamara and myself on our wedding day-  a little reminder of the joy that has come into my life since meeting her.

Then there's a bottle of water- Tamara and I both keep one by the bed; I usually use it to wash the nasty sleep taste out of my mouth when I wake up, or to refresh my mouth after brushing my teeth.

The bottle of medicated lotion is for my feet- very dry and cracked and gross.  Hopefully you aren't eating while you read this.  I'm using it everyday in the hopes that my feet will become soft enough for Tamara to give me a foot massage (not bloody likely :).

And finally, a lamp.  Useful for not stumbling around in the dark, and for reading a bit while Tamara finishes getting ready for bed.

So there you are.

And I repeat Emily's invitation to share.

What's on your nightstand?


emily said…
yum.... dry, cracked, gross feet....


Thanks for the share, and the pic! Have you read the LOTR before? I can't remember...
Tamara said…
Nice post! Those books are NEVER that straight though.....good thing you tidied them up a bit! :)
Peeser said…
Well, I'm impressed with how neat your nightstand is. JUst curious, do you each have your own nightstand, or do you share the same one, and Tamara just doesn't happen to have any books on it...?

Thanks for sharing your nightstand. Hopefully, up this week: Elise's (cluttered) nightstand...

(Oh, and how do you feel the rotation of books is working for you? How do you rotate them yourself?)

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