Small Correction

Okay, so my wife informed me that my #2 quirk from the previous post isn't really a quirk, at least not by her definition. While I don't necessarily agree, it's better to be in harmony than to be right. So here's a replacement quirk, if you will:

2. How Can You Have Your Pudding if You Don't Eat Your Meat?

I'm a meat man. I love meat and potatoes, I love burgers, I love chicken, I love steak, I love it all. Except liver. That's not meat. That's gross.

So is it weird that, in most cases, I leave the meat for the end of the meal? Probably. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a quirk.

It's mostly something I do with home-made meals- I'll eat the various dishes in order, starting with the least appetizing and finishing with the meat entree. Now that doesn't mean I don't hate what I eat first, it just means that in my mind, it isn't as high up in the "deliciousness heirarchy" as the meat entree. Here's an example.

Let's say the meal is barbecue chicken, rice, broccoli, and fruit salad. I'd start with broccoli, go to the rice, eat the fruit salad and finish up with the chicken. (Although it's just as likely I'd forget the fruit salad, especially if it's in a separate dish/bowl, until after I'd eaten everything else.)

So there you go. I eat the meat last. Quirky me.

P.S. Another little quirk might be that if I'm eating some kind of meat and mashed potatoes, I like to get a piece of meat and dip it into the potatoes before eating it. Weird, no?


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