The Great Debate

The debate has raged on for years, and despite any evidence I may enter in at this juncture, will likely rage on for years more.

Spurred on by Beckie's reference to the most beloved of non-traditional Christmas Carols and Emily's subsequent diatribe, I did some digging.

I typed "mele kalikimaka lyrics bing crosby" into a Google search, and surveyed 10 of the first 11 returns (the eleventh wouldn't open because of a browser-detected security risk).  My findings were thus:

1. On each of the websites, the lyrics were shown to be "Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way to say Merry Christmas to you."  This would refute the claim of some family members that the words are, in fact, "Mele Kalikimaka is a wise way to say Merry Christmas to you."

2. Further, the (seemingly) official website for the song/greeting, Mele, ratifies the previous finding, that the words are "Hawaii's way" and not "a wise way."  You can go here to verify this finding.

In closing, it is the opinion of this court (the court of my opinion) that the matter of "Hawaii's Way" vs. "A Wise Way" has been settled, and finds in favor of "Hawaii's Way."

Case closed.


emily said…
First, I AGREE with you. Always have.

Second, though-- WHY would you be so cold to a fragile, delusioned heart in distant Iraq? Is this REALLY the year to prove my sweet, stubborn sister WRONG? Doesn't she deserve her bubble of false hope while she is there, cold and alone??

You are so mean.

Having said that, it's always nice to be right.

But still.

Poor Beckie. I'm gonna go join HER camp. WISE way... 'Cause it IS.
Sarah Lambson said…
Nope. Sorry. I'm not going to be all that merciful on this. As an obsessively strong believer in "Hawaii's way" I got up and did a jig after reading this post.

Not really, though I pictured a little jig in my head.

Sorry Beckie. But the truth was bound to come out anyway. And who says you have to sing the correct lyrics? You sing "A wise way" all you want.

Now I'm patronizing. I'll stop now.
Peeser said…
Okay, so in catching up on family blogging, I haven't even yet read the posts on the sisters' blogs- but I will confess here that until I read this researched post, I never even thought he might be saying anything other than "a wise way"- that is just always what I've heard.
(of course, AFTER reading this post, with all the proof, "Hawaii's way" would have made sense to me if I had considered it...")
Tamara said…
Ugh- the Christmas dancer looks more like he's in "Christmas Vacation" scenario, to me! HA ha's fits w/ the Hawaian song, anyway! "a wise way"....

♥ yur!
Mary Victoria said…
"A Wise Way"??? Really?!?

Silly :)

Fun FYI: It was a seasonal favorite drinking song in Hawaii...the song would come on, and all the locals would order a round of Mai Tai's and slurr all the words except for "Mele Kalikimaka is HAWAII's way to say Merry Christmas to you"

It still makes me smile and long for a Pina Colada :)


Great post Steven...

Sorry Becky...power to the Iraqi sisters :)
Mary Victoria said…

I still say "By this Shallmeno" when I should say "By this shall men know" in Love one Another.

Growing up, I thought Shallmeno was someone I should know..but missed his story...

Ah well...

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