Okay, I promise a more meaningful post later this week, but I just saw these and got goose chills/hot sweats/cold sweats/nearly wet myself (especially the third one)!


Beckie said…
YAY!!! You have the latest trailer. I've been trying to find it but IMDB wasn't working for me. I still like the 2nd one the best, though the scenes from the Burrow gave me much confusion until I read they changed the locale of the final battle from Hogwarts to the Burrow.

SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! I like to think they changed the release date just for me. Can't wait for July.
Tamara said…
July, eh? The movie looks realy good. I normally LOATHE going to see a movie opening weekend, but maybe I'll change my mind for this one.....????? ...doubt it! Too many kids will be there, I'd have to break out some kung fu moves on them! :)
Kirsti said…
AHH! I actually cried when I saw the trailers and Sarah made fun of me. But its going to be AMAZING! I don't care if they changed a few things up, its going to be so AWESOME!

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