Random Thoughts for Friday

1. Let There Be Music

I revamped my playlist- it now has the full 100 songs alotted by Project Playlist, and the songs are in alphabetical order by artist/group. It will still shuffle the songs in random order, but now if you want to find a particular song, it will be easier.

P.S. I know the Star Wars Cantina says Wierd Al by it, so you may think I made a mistake. The mistake belongs to whomever placed the song on Project Playlist's site in the first place- Richard Cheese sang "Star Wars Cantina," not Weird Al.

2. First Birthdays

I have no intention or desire to quell any plans or hopes or excitements Emily and Joe may have for Noah's first birthday. But there's something weird to me about first birthdays. I can't remember any of my birthdays before my fifth. I would wager most people are the same. I'm positive they can't remember their first birthdays. This raises the obvious question: why the big deal over first birthdays? Okay, so the kid has finished his or her first year as a human being on earth. That's definitely noteworthy. But I've heard of some very elaborate parties for 1-year-olds. WHY SO MUCH EFFORT?!? THEY AREN'T EVEN GOING TO REMEMBER THE PARTY!

I can understand parties for two-year-olds- they may not remember it but they can at least understand that something fun and wild is going on. 1-year-olds, as far as I can tell, still don't have a firm grasp on what's going on aroudn them, and probably don't appreciate the whole "party" aspect. All they might grasp is that they get to east something sweet and make a total mess of themselves, and on this day (as opposed to others), getting messy is cute.

So I don't understand all the hoopla with first year birthday parties. I'll probably change my mind with my kids; I probably don't know anything about kids so I could be totally wrong; if you disagree or have some elightnment to bring to me, leave a comment, because I very likely need to be enlightened in the matter. Honestly, I mentioned this because I wanted to blog about something.

3. If I Were President...

I wholeheartedly support selective breeding. There are too many bad parents and too many children suffering at the hands of said bad parents. You want proof? Google the name "Cortez Johnson" in Google News. Add "Missouri" or "Columbia" if you need further clarification. There's a difference between not knowing how to be a parent and not being mature enough to be a parent. The first one can learn, the second one will have a much harder time learning. I don't know how to be a parent, but I'm positive I'm mature enough to learn how to care for one.

Okay, enough venting. Have a happy Friday, and enjoy the music!


Tamara said…
Nice Friday post, babe!

1. Good thing you gave a shout out to our nephew's upcoing B-day...we might be considered the first relative to recognize that (Emily...can we get some brownie points, here?)

2. First B-Days are ALWAYS a big deal. Me being a bargain shopper and a penny pincher, our kids won't have such luxery at their first parties like cakes, decorations, party favors for the guests, and our child being showered w/ hundreds of gifts (not to mention an invitationless party, nonetheless), but I would rather have family & friends over for a nice dinner, dessert, and of course a few gifts and cute pics. That's about it...I agree that MOST parents overdo things.

3. The 2 year old story is just SICK and WRONG! I don't know all the details, but it is sad to know that everyone can govern the usage of their ovaries & testicles themselves....and not everyone deserves that privilege. I shudder to think what the eternal consequence could be. I don't doubt that things get rough w/ kids in the picture...but their really is no excuse for HUGE objects being forcefully thrown repeatedly on ANYONE, much less a helpless child who doesn't even understand how to take himself to the bathroom.

4. OUR song was playing while I was reading the post....AWWWWWWW!!!
Beckie said…
We all know how I feel about selective breeding, or the more graphic term I plan to use when running for ruler of the world, mass sterilization. So I won't go into detail there. Just wait for the facist takeover. I'm going to try to emulate Catherine the Great b/c Russians are cool.

But, I will say, we all know first birthday's are not for the kid but for the parents. I mean, when my friend Amanda's little boy Jesse had his first birthday, all of us friends were invited. Now, mine was more legit b/c I babysat often and Jesse loved me, plus I got him an awesome gift, but really, it was for all of us to ditch work for a night, bring good food and sit around having fun. Also playing washers, which I highly recommend. Yes, it's slightly white trash, but tons of fun and I rule at it. To get back to my point, Jesse couldn't care less that we were all there, it was for Amanda and Chris to recognize their sons first year as a human on this earth and kick back with their closest friends. To that I say, Party On!

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