All The Dark Knight YOu Can Handle!!!!!

To try and vent some of this consuming excitement and exhilaration at tonight's/tomorrow's release of The Dark Knight, here are some links and video clips for all to enjoy!

The Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes' Official Knight Site

Excerpts From the Movie, Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes (check out what the Bat Pod can do in the last one!)

NPR Story about The Joker (thank you so much, Juli, for bringing this to my attention) Review Review

Review from ABC Affiliate in Adelaide, Australia

Review from the Seattle Times

Review from a Blog in Michigan



Trailer #2:

Trailer #3:

I don't know how official this "teaser/trailer" is (it looks somewhat legit), but it's awesome!

ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

because you'll probably get to see it before I do :(


Julina said…
I like this comment from the NPR story about Heath's Joker:

"I keep coming back to the way he physically incarnates madness," says Levitz. "Leave the makeup aside, leave the costuming aside — if you had Heath Ledger in plain clothes, who's a very handsome, well-presented, very affable looking man — if he walked in a room and started acting in the behaviors that he uses for The Joker, you'd get the hell out of that room fast. And that's pretty cool."

And from MSN Movies re: Christian's Batman -

"Though we love the sinister set design and gloomy outlook of Burton's pictures, Nolan goes one step further in making Batman what he should rightfully be: a bit insane (though we wish he was even nuttier). Bale is a terrific balance of good-looking and unnerving freak."

I hope you get to see it sooner rather than later.

Hang in there :-)
Tamara said…
We'll have to go see it soon. Sorry you are having to wait it out. Patience is a virtue, right?


I really liked the NPR story from was very informative. Thanks for posting this...I've been wondering when you'd do it!

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