Good News, and Some Fun!

1. The Good News!

If you haven't heard by now, I'm leaving KRCG (CBS affiliate in Jefferson City) in less than two weeks for the greener pastures of KMIZ (ABC/Fox Affiliate in Columbia). The job I'm taking is a lot more work and responsibility, but there are three big perks: a) more money (a lot more money than I'm making now); b) no more 40-minute-one-way commute (thereby saving me several thousands of dollars in gas and car wear and tear); and c) daytime hours.

I do enjoy having the bed to myself, where I can flail about without the worry of causing permanent harm to my wife, but I'm looking forward to working during the days (before you judge me too harshly, know that Tamara will also miss having the bed to herself).

KRCG has been a good jumping off point for me, and I'm grateful for the time and associations I was able to have there. But that time is over and it's on to bigger and better things.

2. More Good News


Okay, so I never watched the old American Gladiators. But my wife and I got hyped up for the new one and only missed one or two episodes when it aired earlier this year. Now, it's back for Season 2 (oddly enough just a couple months after the first season) with new games and new gladiators. I'm WAY excited! If you think I'm a dork, you're right...but it's really entertaining.

And unlike most other reality shows, the contestants don't advance based on the opinions of a few judges or text messages from tweens who think one or the other is really hot and should win even though they lack any talent at all (think Jason Castro from American Idol). No, they advance based on their own skill and merits and talents- if you're first, you win. Period.

So to help you get excited, watch the promo:

3. Random Fun

Here's a weird game I found online this morning- a little abstract, but pretty challenging and fun!

Games at - Bloxorz

Get the block to fall into the square hole.

Play this free game now!!


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