A Brief Response

A couple of good comments (thank you, Elise and Beckie) prompted this quick follow up to my Greatest Sports Moments, Part I entry.

I agree with Beckie that Jeter's flip to Posada against the A's in the 2001 playoffs is one of the best and most breathtaking plays in postseason history. KU winning the national title this last year is phenomenal and stunning and Chalmer's shot was amazing! There have been a number of memorable MU/KU games. And I would even rank the 2007 Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma as one of the best bowl games ever!

One important criteria determined my choices, though- I was there to live them. I was watching or listening to the game as it happened. I was a participant in some way as they unfolded. The only real exception is the McGwire case, but that qualifies because I was a Big Mac news-consumer for the whole season. That season is the moment, and I lived it.

I didn't see the Yankees and A's play in 2001. I missed the KU championship because of a stupid work meeting. And I had to watch the Fiesta Bowl on the highlight reel. So, monumental and epic as those moments were, I had to live them second hand, which knocks them off my blog entry list.

Beckie's best argument against me mentions Pete Sampras' final victory at Wimbledon- I think I saw it, but it doesn't stick out. I am ashamed.

So there you go. If you question my choices, now you know why I chose them. You don't have to like it, though.


Julina said…
A fair explanation - and we're still waiting for the ..."best sports moments in my personal achievement" ;-)

Love you

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