So my wife already masterfully wove the tale of our magnificent weekend in St. Louis, which means less typing for me (all photo credits go to her). But allow me a moment's indulgence in my own point of view.

A year ago, I had the worst birthday ever. I spent it with my family (not the bad part), but I also spent it without the best thing to ever happen to me- Tamara (this is the "worst" that I was talking about). At this same time last year, I was going through a personal/emotional/mental/whatever crisis, not knowing where my future with Tamara would end up. She was so full of love and patience and understanding for me as I tried to sort out my feelings and thoughts about our relationship, trying to determine whether she was the next step in my life or not.

Now, a little more than 365 days later, I don't really know how I ever doubted that she is and always was the true one for me and my heart. Tamara was sick over the weekend (the only downside) and had a rough time getting to sleep Friday night. As I held her close and gently rocked and reassured her, I thought, "How on earth did I almost let her get away from me?" And the feeling of how truly blessed I am to have her came to me as clear as day.

A whole weekend with my wife was the best present of all. All the rest was icing on the cake.

I love you, babe!

But now you get to find out what the other birthday joys were:

-Watching the Cardinals play the Devil Rays at Busch Stadium. It was a close and hard-fought game, but the Redbirds came out on top, thanks to a bottom-of-the-tenth walk-off home run from Ryan Ludwick. The weather was perfect, we were in the shade, and the hot dogs were plump and delicious. Couldn't ask for better.

-Bagels for breakfast at Einsteins.

-New clothes for my new job

-A beautiful and slick Timex watch, courtesy of my wife.

-A subscription to the Liahona (LDS church magazine) in Russian language, courtesy of Tamara's parents

-Electric screwdriver/drill and drill bit set, courtesy of my parents

-Getting to see one of my best friends newly married at his wedding reception (congrats, Tyson)

-Delicious birthday dinner (honey-glazed chicken, rice, asparagus, fruit salad, and awesome carrot cake), courtesy of my parents.

-Getting to play a little World of Warcraft, courtesy of Joe, my bro-in-law.

Man, what an awesome weekend!


Tamara said…
excuse me...where is the courtesy from WIFEY for allowing you to play WOW???? lol

I love you, and am so glad we could have such a great time (even with the sniffles and runny nose) in STL. It was truly a great weekend, and I got to spend it with the most wonderful person in the entire world!

♥ you, babe!

--since when did you start requesting word verification on your blog comments?...I hate those things!!!
Julina said…
Glad it was such a good weekend - glad I had a chance to talk to you, albeit briefly. Thanks for calling on Sun.

Love you-

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