Tag- One of the Great Legacies of Humankind

Here's my part of the survey- I love these, keep them coming! Em tagged me in the Hubby Tag, but I'm going to let my wife read it first and see if she wants to be the one to reply.
Here you go!
Four Jobs I've Held:

-McDonald's Peon

-Ruby Tuesday's Grunt

-News/Sports Reporter/Anchor

-News Producer

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over (way too many to choose from):

-Batman Begins

-Everything is Illuminated

-Can I say Lord of the Rings again? No? Then Field of Dreams

Four Places I've Lived:

-Krasnoyarsk, Russia

-Novosibirsk, Russia

-Omsk, Russia

-Barnaul, Russia (oops, is that five?)

Four TV shows I like:



-Arrested Development

-The Office

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:


-My boss at KRCG

-Someone offering me cheap prescription drugs


Four Favorite Foods:

-Ben and Jerry's (all flavors not involving coffee or alcohol)

-Cold cereal (my ultimate fallback)

-Grinders (either Turkey Reuben, Chicken Salad, or Cordon Bleu- ironically, the favorites of, in order, Emily, Beckie, and Joe, who are the other Grinders nuts in the family)

Four Places I'd Rather Be:

-Somewhere warm and tropical with my wife

-Russia with my wife

-Europe with my wife

-St. Louis with my wife

Four People I'm Tagging:

-Elise Lambson

-Jeff White

-Jacob Rogers

-Nils Bergeson


Tamara said…
great pic, btw...front and center....you always were a cutie!
Peeser said…
Hey! Thanks for the tag! (and here I was beginning to worry I might somehow get left out ;) Seeing as how I just posted another marathon entry on Field of Dreams, it may take me a couple of days to sort this one out- but I'm excited- I love these kinds of things!

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