MY A.I. Picks

No, I'm not talking about that cerebral movie by Kubrick with the kid from The Sixth Sense.

Yes, it's true, I enjoy watching American Idol. Not nearly to the degree that my wife does, mind you, but I do like it. She predicted some weeks ago that David Archuleta would take the competition in the end. He has a great voice, but I've chosen the other David (who is from Missouri, no less) as my favorite and my pick to win it all. Here are his greatest hits (according to me) from this season- watch and tell me if you don't think he's extremely talented:

So there you go- I say David Cook will win it all. And if he doesn't, then he deserves to win it all, because he has the most talent.


Tamara said…
I like David Cook-er too, but I predicted my winner from the get-go. All the contestants get better as they go along......I still say you're a cheater for picking so late in the game, so if he will NOT have braggin rights anyway! :)

I still love you, though. I just get a lil picky and defensive when it comes to my favorite show!
Kirsti said…
You tell him, Tamara! I think it should be between the Davids, but David Archuleta is just too dang cute to deny all that glory. So I agree with Tamara on this.

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