Fun With Videos!

So life is pretty serious with my wife and I right now- we're as happy as can be but my employment situation is in an odd state of flux. Hopefully it will be resolved by the end of the week, but that's somewhat of a crap shoot.

So to lighten the mood and provide a pleasant distraction, here are some fun videos I've encountered on YouTube:

Video #1: Aren't British Kids Adorable?

The best part is the older kid's face as he goes from amusement to the realization that this doesn't feel so pleasant.

Video #2: Aren't Cats Adorable?

I have no idea what that noise is, so don't ask.

Video #3: The Next Weird Al?

This video is awesome! The weird computer-animated Dumbledore (??) is a bit odd, but the whole thing is very clever. Here's a link to the vid on YouTube, where you can also find the lyrics.

Video #4: Enough David Caruso One-Liners to Last you a Week!

Maybe it's because I see a half-dozen or so ads for CSI: Miami, but this compilation is awesome! It captures the pure camp and lameness of David Caruso's notorious one-liners and his patented "put on the sunglasses" move.

There you have it- enjoy the vids and smile, because life is good right now!


Sarah Lambson said…
That is pretty hilarious. Oh CSI Miami, how I don't want to watch you so...
J.Ammon said…
Without the glasses and the one-liners, David Caruso (sp? don't care) would just be a creepy restaurant manager.
Peeser said…
Honestly, who was sadistic enough to think David Caruso could act? He kind of reminds me of William Shatner (the stiff delivery, the overacting, even the voice is kind-of similar)-only David is far less entertaining because he really does think he's at the center of the Hollywood universe. At least Shatner has learned to poke fun at himself...
(And I NEVER understood how anyone could possibly consider him sexy or even handsome...)

Thanks for such an amusing post, bro!

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