Boundless Imagination

This was a mental exercise of some sort that Emily had some of us do a while back- I had my notes on a piece of scrap paper and found it as I was sorting through papers this weekend. Since I didn't want to keep the paper but did want the notes, here you are. I included a few illustrations to help you see (kind of) what I saw. The meanings of each element are in parentheses. I won't bother trying to interpret each one...I don't want to take away all of the fun, do I?

1) Imagine a Desert

My mental image: Barren, dry, high noon, a cactus here, a cactus there, like in cartoons- a cow skull, buzzards, distant mountain, cracked ground, wavy heat lines
Meaning: life

2) Imagine a Storm

My mental image: far off, ominous, aproaching, lightning, wind picking up
Meaning: troubles

3) A Box
My mental image: clear, glass, right in front of me, open top, at an angle (like I'm standing at one of the corners), wavy glass (not clear pane, hard to see through- distorts image)
Meaning: me

4) A Ladder

My mental image: countless rungs, wooden, sticking straight out of the ground, reaching into unseen heights in the sky
Meaning: friends

5) A Horse

My mental image: Looks like Hidalgo, brown and white, saddles, head down, submissive, standing beyond the ladder, no name
Meaning: love

6) Cactus blossoms

My mental image: pink, yellow centers, bright
Meaning: children


Tamara said…
so, you are saying I look like Hidalgo?

emily said…
or it was ME. *I* did that exercise with you all!!!

Me me me.

And Tamara, you are SO much prettier than Hidalgo. But Hidalgo is faster. Sorry.
Tamara said…
So I AM slow....but at least I can beat any cockroach (which btw is the FASTEST insect on the planet) there...I have something to brag about! ain't that right, Shteven?!?!
where did you find all those amazing photos?

And, I know this is the wrong blog but how did Emily spell Tamara's name wrong??? I didn't catch it.

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