What I Miss

Allow me a sentimental moment, if you will.

I miss my sisters. I love you, Sarah and Kirsti, but I am referring mainly to the St. Louis posse and the Indiana crew. I miss hanging and having fun, all of us. I miss exploring fun places and new sights with Joe and Emily (though Joe isn't technically a sister). I miss laughing at all the fun stuff in life with Beckie, including stupid people and funny movies. I miss talking about all things nerd with Elise, and all things spiritual and pragmatic with Juli. And I miss Noah, even though he's only two and a half months old. I just don't get enough of the family anymore.

I miss my extended family. It'd be nice if they would all move here so we could hang out every weekend and laugh and tell funny stories and enjoy good company.
I miss Jeff, my best friend, and his wife and kids. Thankfully we talk at least once a week about movies, sports, videogames, politics, and Warcraft, our favorite pasttime (emphasis on "past").
I miss Patrick. He was my best friend in high school and my only link to pre-college/mission life. Those were good times, too. I miss talking in funny foreign accents with him, laughing about our other weird high school friends.

I miss Russia. I miss the people, talking Russian, cozy apartments, fun Russian food like trubochki (jam filled pastries) and vareneki (dumplings with potatoes and meat or mushrooms inside), sticking out like sore thumbs, talking with crazy old babushkas on the street about anything and everything, uber-crammed buses and shuttles and metro cars.

I miss baseball. I miss listening to Mike Shannon, getting progressively drunker as the game proceeds. I miss the excitement of the ninth inning and the thrill of home runs. Fortunately, the season begins soon, so I won't have to miss this for too long (pitchers and catchers report to spring training in 6 days).

I miss school. I miss the structured schedule, walking on campus in warm sunny weather, rain, snow, or during a thunderstorm. I miss the comfort of knowing I didn't have to face real life yet, that I was still learning.

Thank heaven for memories and pictures and imagination, the best possible substitutes until I get to see these people, places, and things again.


Julina said…
thanks and I miss you too. Thanks for keeping in touch and see you in March (hopefully :-)
emily said…
your sentimental like me. If i get going on the "missing things" train, there's no stoppin' til Tuscaloosa.

miss u too.

mostly, i miss spans of real sleep.
emily said…
"your" should be "you're".

stupid sleep deprivation...
I miss a little boy with really big eyes who read the encyclopedia and tried to be funny who grew up to actually be funny and is a walking encyclopedia about a whole bunch of things.
Actually, I miss all my kids when they were little and wish I had the technology (and in-laws with money to bestow that technology on us) to do all the recording that Emily and Joe get to do.
J.Ammon said…
I love the picture of happy Russians on the subway!

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