Well, Why Not?

So after checking the other family blogs (see list at right for links), I decided, "It's been a while, why not update people on our lives? Everyone else is doing it, and there could be no better motivation to action" (it's that kind of thinking what got Jamie Lynn Spears preggo,I'm sure).

Thus, here is where we stand:

I'm enjoying my job at KRCG, though waking up for it each night and staying awake for it some days really sucks. It's been a fun week as first, our graphics engine (which makes all the little location and sond bite identification lines on screen, among other tasks) went out on Monday and is still not working. Then, yesterday, one of our two cameras for the newscast started doing these odd flickering, epileptic-nightmare kind of spasms. So we had to improvise the newscast using only one camera. Good times. For today, I predict either the microphones won't work, or a light fixture will fall and hit Dick Preston on the head (at least it will wake him up).

Ruby Tuesday is slightly less fun- the people (co-workers) are still great, but the people (customers) are, with increasing frequency, cheap. Praise be raised for gratuity on big groups. I am harboring more and more thoughts of looking for new part-time employment come later spring (around the time school gets out when more jobs open up).

Tamara is wishing snow could have given her more time to sleep in, but is glad to be catching up and not falling further behind, an unfortunate consequence to the otherwise blessed event of a snow day. She has been popping into cheerleader tryouts this week, showing support but glad, I'm sure, to be free of it. She had fun, I think, but it was too much of a strain on an already busy schedule, so I forbade her (and she was agreeable) from doing it next year.

We are currently exploring future housing options here in Columbia. Tamara has applied for a program that would allow her, in relatively easy manner, to get a Master's degree. This would provide several benefits, among which are 1) we get to stay in Columbia for another few years (we both love it here), 2) she would get paid more, and 3) said pay increase could possibly allow me to dive back into school for a Master's degree. I'm optomistic about her chances, but we're still waiting to see if she gets accepted.

As for housing, we have an appointment later today to see a refurbished townhouse, and have been looking around for other apartments and/or townhouses. We briefly toyed with the idea of buying a house, especially since, as they say, "the market is supposed to be amazing in a few years," but have put that on the back burner until we know for sure that we will be here for at least another few years.

At this juncture, I want to express my gratitude to my parents-in-law for allowing us to take up their entire basement these last six months. Recently, Tamara's dad extended an invitation to stay as long as we like, to save money and such, which I know he was sincere about. I speak for my wife and I, I think, in saying we love our little nook in the basement, but are both eager to spread our wings a bit and get out on our own for real.

Um....what else...Looking forward to seeing "Damn Yankees" and Juli and Elise all in the same weekend.

Oh yeah, almost forgot- Tamara is looking forward to spending a chunk of Spring Break in Mexico with some of her students. They will be there from Tuesday to Saturday or Sunday, leaving me at home to...(prepare the trumpet fanfare)...WORK! YES! She gets to live it up in the sun and see fun tourist sites while I get to wait on whiny snotheads who don't know how they want their steaks cooked. Oh well. I hope to be able to take some time on that weekend to relax, maybe spend in St. Louis visiting Beckie and JoNoaMily (Joe + Noah + Emily = JoNoaMily).

So that's where we are. Thank heaven for Hans Zimmer, hot chocolate, and upcoming movies (My top five look-forward-to's this year: The Dark Knight, Prince Caspian, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Quantum of Solace (new Bond movie) and Indiana Jones).

Okay, back to work time.


Tamara said…
uggghhhh..the family and friend "list of blogs" you refer to is NOT on the right...it's been moved to the left! ha ha ha

thanks for updating everyone on our situations. I enjoy reading updates on everyone else's blog, so they probably enjoy reading updates about us, too.

♥ you!

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