Here's a Fun Little Diversion

My former roommate, Kevin, has a knack for parodies. He takes a popular song and in a few seconds, he can pump out the first lines of a great parody. I remember coming home from class one day and he had two ideas for spoofs of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful"....."A Cubicle" and "You're Will Defoe." I don't remember if he had any verses but it was a start.

So imagine how impressed I was when he sang the first two stanzas in a parody of Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends." It was about the Cubs/Cardinals rivalry, and the one-sidedness of it in favor of the Cardinals (it was relevant at the time- the rivalry has since tipped a bit in the Cubs' favor). We collaborated a bit, changing the title line to say "wake me up when the season ends," but it never got much further than that.

Well, in a fit of boredom, I finished the parody, stretching it to cover more teams in baseball. It's mostly relevant to the 2003/2004 seasons, but the second verse has to do with the 2007 season. Baseball fans will understand the song a bit better, but I think it's a good parody, if I may say so. If you sing along, some of the syllables and lines need to be tweaked (started earlier or stretched) to fit the music, but overall, I think it works.

Try it out: I'll paste the text below, and you can sing along to the music of the original (which can be found in my playlist above). If you know the song or like baseball, I think you'll like it. feel free to offer suggestions, criticisms, ideas, and so on.

Wake Me Up When the Season Ends (to the tune of Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends)
© Steve and Kevin (not officially copyrighted, but don't steal it anyway please)

The Cubs are gonna lose again;
I wonder if they'll ever win
Wake me up when the season ends

The Cardinals swept at Wrigley;
It's the most one-sided rivalry
Wake me up when the season ends

Here comes the Curse again,
It gets us every time
If Bartman shows his face again,
I'll kill that little slime

Drowning sorrows in my beer,
Have no fear, wait 'til next year
Wake me up when the season ends

The Mets were seven games ahead-
David Wright wishes he was dead
Wake me up when the season ends
The Phillies had no chance at all
Then came baseball's biggest fall-
Wake me up when the season ends

I can't believe we blew that lead,
We had it in the bag
Karma kicks you in the butt
every time you brag

The Mets will keep letting me down
Until Santana gets to town
Wake me up when the season ends

Boston's Curse was far from past
With Aaron Boone's mighty blast
Wake me up when the season ends

The Yankees had a 3-0 lead,
but Boston's comeback made them bleed
Wake me up when the season ends
Wake me up when the season ends


Sarah Lambson said…
Nice. I wish I was into baseball so that it made more sense to me.
J.Ammon said…
No matter what happens with the Cards this season, I can always take solice in the fact that The Cubs win spend lots of money, and still barely break .500

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