Two Semi-Quick Rants to End the Week

Rant #1- Al Sharpton

Is anyone else sick of him? Sick of hearing about him in the news? Sick of his inflammatory views and comments?

The most recent episode (CNN excerpts in italics) involves a Golf Channel anchor who made a racially insensitive remark about Tiger Woods.
Anchor Kelly "Tilghman uttered the remark during coverage of Hawaii's Mercedes-Benz Championship on Friday, while she and and co-host Nick Faldo were bantering about how young golfers might challenge ever-dominant Woods.
Faldo said, 'To take Tiger on, well yeah, they should just gang up for a while until ...'

'Lynch him in a back alley,' Tilghman interrupted with a chuckle."

Tilghman apologized for the remark, but has been suspended for two weeks. That's fair and appropriate, I think. Tiger, in a show of class, has forgiven Tilghman for the comment, saying, "We know unequivocally that there was no ill intent in her comments."

But Big Al couldn't stop there- he says that "What [Tilghman] said is racist. Whether she's a racist -- whether she runs around at night making racist statements -- is immaterial."

Allow me a moment of stone-throwing, but this is coming from the guy who said: "As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don't worry about that; that's a temporary situation." That was a comment directed at Mitt Romney and his campaign for presidency.

Further, "Sharpton said he wants Tilghman fired, period. And if the Golf Channel doesn't comply, the network can expect to see Sharpton and his National Action Network supporters picketing its Orlando, Florida, headquarters."

So let me get this straight- Kelly says something bad, apologizes, but should be fired anyway. Al says something bad, apologizes, but shouldn't be fired? How does that work?

I admire Sharpton for apologizing on a large scale after his comments about the Mormon church- he went to great lengths to apologize to anyone he may have offended. But it would seem that total forgiveness only applies to him, since he seems to be quite merciless in calling for Ms. Tilghman's head.

I don't know if he's simply desperate to be in the spotlight or what, but Al Sharpton is quickly joining the ranks of Britney Spears and Scott Eckersley- good people, but I'm tired of hearing about them in the news.

Rant #2- Impolite Customers
One of the primary rules of being a good customer at a sit-down restaurant: if you plan to be at your table a long time, chatting or what not, that's fine. But please respect your server's time by paying for your meal as soon as you are done and allowing the server to close out your check.
Long story short, I had two tables whose dining experience lasted well over two hours (almost three hours in one case). Neither table was prompt about paying for it, though- they were simply content to chat the night away.
I don't care if you want to stay and talk- I'll find a closing server to keep an eye on you and refill your drinks or whatever. But pay for your dang meal and let me go home!!! It serves me absolutely no profit to wait for you to pay or leave, it just makes me angry that you're wasting my time.
And for the love of all that is good and wholesome in this world, if you do decide to chat and waste many of my precious minutes, leave a @#$%! decent tip to compensate me for my time and effort!!! Had I been blessed with all normal tables last night, I would have left at about 7:30, allowing me to visit Mom and Dad for some important business, maybe spend a little time with my wife before taking a small nap previous to going to my graveyard job! Instead, I leave at 9:15, leaving me no time to take a nap before my other job.
"But how are we supposed to know you have a second job," such customers might ask. It doesn't matter- the vast majority of people have a lot better and more prouctive things to do thatn wait hours for crappy 15% tips. I certainly do. The rule is universal. Servers work their butts off making sure you have a pleasant dining experience...the least you can do is respect their time, and, should you take your sweet time, compensate them appropriately.
Thank you for your attention. Happy Friday!!!


Tamara said…
cute pic up at the top!!! I love the new pics!
J.Ammon said…
I could rant about Sharpton all day! One way to get rid of him sould be too ly... I mean sit him done and have a good long talk about whether his parents hugged him enough.

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