Stealing Tamara's Ideas Again

What the heck, I'll tell you some about me again, mainly to satisfy my ego. I stole Tamara's list, but I'm going to do in reverse order!

4 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Year

1. Moving out on our own- I can't say enough about how wonderful Tamara's parents are and have been in letting us stay here for the last half a year, but I think it's safe to say Tamara and I are eager to get our own place.
2. The second full year with the most wonderful woman in my life
3. Figuring out our future (maybe even as far as a 5- or 10-year plan)
4. Baseball season

4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now

1. On the couch, under a blanket, cuddling with my wife while watching a good movie
2. Russia
3. Spoiling and playing with the newest member of the Southerland family
4. Russia

4 Of My Favorite Foods

1. Cheeseburger (specifically, Ruby Tuesday's Smokehouse burger with cheddar and BBQ and bacon on a knot roll.......mmmmmmmm)
2. Pizza (with pepperoni, peppers, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, black olives)
3. Ice cream (Ben and Jerry's, of course)
4. Chicken (grilled, baked, or roasted)

4 People Who E-mail Me Regularly (few do it on a very regular basis)

1. Dad (trading e-mails about sports, funny stories, inspirational tidbits)
2. BMG (with their annoying Featured Selection announcements)
3. Mom (usually with some kind of reminder about something I forgot about)
4. List (the website that e-mails me daily "Pooch Cafe" comics)

5 Places I've Been

1. Russia
2. Estonia
3. Boundary Waters (far northern Minnesota)
4. Inside the bowels and on the field of Busch Stadium
5. In the bathroom at Trump Tower (Beckie will appreciate this)

TV Shows that I Watch

1. 24
2. Lost
3. American Idol (my wife got me hooked)
4. American Gladiators (nostalgic fun)
5. Deal or No Deal (Howie might be the best game show host ever)
6. News (usually NBC Nightly News, even though I work for the CBS affiliate)

Places Where I Have Lived

1. Missouri
2. Columbia
3. Route Z
4. Live Oak Lane
5. Parker Street
6. Russia
7. Krasnoyarsk
8. Novosibirsk
9. Krasnoyarsk again
10. Omsk
11. Barnaul
12. Novosibirsk again
13. Back to Parker Street
14. Haven Road
15. Wolf Trail

5 Movies I've Watched More Than Once (since there are oh, so many of these, I'll change it to "at least 4 times")

1. Lord of the Rings trilogy (over 10 times, all the way through)
2. Casino Royale
3. Field of Dreams (almost every spring)
4. Star Wars (lost count back in the 80s)
5. Batman Begins

5 Jobs I've Had in my Life

1. Paper Boy (Columbia Missourian, Columbia Daily Tribune)
2. McDonald's grunt
3. Bookseller (Waldenbooks)
4. Server/Host/Bartender/Salad Bar grunt at Ruby Tuesday
5. Morning News Producer (KRCG TV-13)


Tamara said…
WOW...what a detailed and orderly list of places you've just HAD to top mine, didn't ya?

I like that you gave the survey a different twist...Gracias, love!
Jeanne, the mom said…
whine - I am still a nag in your life? I'll start sending you the family news on e-mail if you would like. Or do you read it on the family website?

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