I Am So Smart! I AM So Smart! S-M-R-T!

I mean S-M-A-R-T!

What better way to start the big '08 than to declare my superior intellect? Thanks to a highly scientific and sophisticated IQ test, I know now that I am a genius. Also, the test was on Facebook, so that makes it concretely indisputable.

My official IQ score is:


That's very close to what a Tickle IQ test scored me, which was:


So either I've gotten 1 point dumber, or it's a small but acceptable discrepancy between two differents tests.

Based on the general scoring, this gives me superior intelligence. A few more points and I would have been labeled as a "genius or near genius."

"Sure," you think, "talk it up." "Brag yourself silly," you say.

Well, allow me this small indulgence, because no matter how smart I may or may not be, it matters little in practical application.

For, you see, my wife is always right. Even when she is wrong. ;)


Tamara said…
I KNEW you'd enjoy that little test, especially when you are a bit bored at work, I knew it would give you something to do at work that was intelectually stimulating.

So go ahead, have your bragging rights...my score was only a mere 130....

♥ you!

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