Winter Adventures

Ah winter, yes, winter.
Time for Christmas and hot chocolate and lights both classy and tacky.
Unfortunately it's also time for ice.

While freezing rain and ice storms can create picturesque viewing enjoyment like this,

it often creates ice storm headaches like this:

That might have been my car today, as I had to scrape anywhere from a quarter inch to about two inches of ice/snow/slush off of my car. It wasn't fun.

Neither was leaving my wife at 6:30 to crash at a hotel a few miles up the road from KRCG just to avoid worsening road conditions (which really didn't get worse). The station reserved some rooms for the night and morning crews to use and sleep in so as to avoid driving on dangerous roads. Great idea, and the hotel actually wasn't that bad for a town of about 1,000, but it absolutely sucked (yes, mom, sucked) to leave my wife behind at home.

She's lucky, though, as there is no school today.

The winter weather has slowed business at Ruby's a lot, too, as most people are smart enough to avoid the roads, especially to go out to eat. The others, the dumb ones who drive in dangerous roads just for not-homemade food, irk me.

Anyway, here's to the winter wonderland that has knocked out power for thousands across the Show-Me state, and to my lovely Best Value Inn hotel room and it's over-exagerrated sense of cold (it was freezing in there).


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