Tamara and I started what may become a fun little tradition yesterday. As an activity for our little Family Home Evening, we went to the dollar store, each equipped with $2 and some change to cover sales tax. The goal was to buy two items for the other person: one for fun, and one a little more serious or sentimental.

After browsing a bit, I bought my gifts, put them in the car, then kept my back turned as Tamara bought hers and put them under the passenger seat.

After that, we went to Wal-Mart to get one Christmas gift for one of the Lambson siblings and looked at all the Christmas decorations, picking which ones we liked and getting ideas for when we have our own place to decorate. I hate to be the Scrooge, but we'll probably buy an artificial tree after Christmas when they are on sale. I love real trees, but Tamara is allergic. We also looked at possible stocking ideas, our favorite being to purchase fabric and have Tamara sew our own stockings. Apparently mine will have Bratz or Spongebob on it or something.

Anyway, we went home and each wrapped the presents we got for each other. We then each wrote a small letter of appreciation and gratitude for the other and attached it to the more serious gift.
Now it was PRESENT TIME!!!
I opened my fun gift first, and was shocked and a little repulsed to find this:

It's a Marshmallow Cheeseburger!!! ECCCHHHH!!

Now you've no doubt seen those little gummie burgers, right? And if you like Peeps (like I and Mom do) then you're thinking what's the big deal?

First of all it smelled straight sugar-funky. Second, it wasn't the nice little fluffy marshmallow like you use with Smore's or find in Peeps. It was thick, heavy, and gross. And third, it tasted just BLECH!!!! Just thick and sugary and not at all pleasant.

So why in the world would Tamara get this for me? Well, I missed out on hamburgers for lunch on Sunday, and burgers are my favorite food, so this little jam-packed-with-gross-sugar treat made the perfect gag gift.

For her fun gift I got a foam pirate sword, so she can beat the snot out of me when I get to being a pain (a lot).

The letters were, of course, personal, but very sweet and very much appreciated. Then there were the serious gifts:

Tamara got me a fun little 504-piece puzzle with a nice winter photo on it, something we could work on and have fun doing together. I got her a set of Christmas cookie cutters, so we could make cookies together and give them away as Christmas goodies. Two fun things we can do together.

So there you have it- a fun little tradition we can do at Christmas (or any other time, for that matter) and something fun we can do with our kids one day, too.

Happy Gross Burger!!!


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