Here Comes Santa Clause, Here Comes Santa Clause...

I love Santa Clause. I love the warm feelings that the myth of Santa Clause brings. For me, few things invoke the Christmas Spirit than seeing kids get excited about Santa Clause.

On my way to work this morning, listening to KFRU, they did something that they do every year (I remember from last year, too). Fred and David called Santa at the North Pole, and allowed kids from the community to call in, talk to Mr. Kringle, and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Santa is so good at keeping notes, he even talked about what the kids liked and things that had happened over the year. I couldn't help but smile the whole time, especially when Santa was asked by David: "How do you keep up with what kids like?" Santa replied, "Great Gobs of Gummies, David, you have to keep up. Just read the kids' letters and they'll tell you what's cool."

It was a great way to start the day.


::Waiting for kids to leave the room::

I don't remember when Santa stopped being a reality for me, when I lost my faith like the people in the Polar Express. It wasn't a memorable and defining moment for me. I do remember, at some point, realizing that Santa's handwriting was awfully similar to our parents' handwriting.

I do remember believing, though. I remember leaving cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. I remember moments when I would wake up briefly on Christmas Eve and try to listen and hear any bells or Santa-related noise. Not hearing anything, I'd fall back asleep. I also remember being so excited it was nearly impossible to fall asleep.

I love that children still believe in him, though. Whomever KFRU hired is perfect- he has the perfect Santa laugh and talks just like you imagine Kris Kringle would sound like. He has a perfect way with kids, even over the phone.

I know that there are some people who oppose the image and idea of Santa, because it "takes away from the real reason for the season." "Christmas should be about the birth of Jesus, and ONLY the birth of Jesus. The myth and idea of Santa takes away from that and makes kids think about only presents and 'gimme, gimme, gimme.' "

I think this is a load of hogwash.

True, there are a lot of bad "-isms" out there, and the worst of them is commercialism, and many have tainted the Christmas season. Some people begin to focus too much on satisfying the material wishes of their children, family members, friends, and so on, that they forget to teach the joy of giving, the satisfaction of service, and the warm wonders of the true Christmas spirit.

But treated properly, Santa can do nothing but add to the real Christmas Spirit. He is, after all, part of the essence of giving. As a kid, Santa meant "presents." Now, to me, he means "giving." There is no reason, in my mind, why Santa Clause can't be a part of a real Christmas, nativity and wise men and all.

Christmas is all about giving and love, best personified of course, by the birth of the Savior, God's greatest gift to mankind. For me, Santa doesn't take away from that. He adds his little part of Christmas, spreading cheer to boys and girls and men and women all over the world.


emily said…
amen, bro. nicely put.
Julina said…
Next time they re-make Miracle on 34th Street, you should be the lawyer :-)

See you soon...
J.Ammon said…
Is it beating a dead horse to say I blame Coke?

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