Wow, We Have Some Real Winners Today

So Yahoo's Odd News was rife with tales of intelligence and society's best, so rife that my little side column wasn't enough to cover it. Here are the odd news nuggets of the day:

DANBURY, Conn. - A man is facing drug charges after he allegedly walked into the Danbury police station puffing on a marijuana-filled cigar.
Capt. Robert Myles says Scott Snow walked into the station early Saturday and blew smoke from his cigar into a small opening in the bullet-resistant glass separating desk officers from the public.
Myles says the 24-year-old man was told there's no smoking inside the building and he allegedly stubbed out the cigar on the counter.
Officers came out and smelled the distinctive odor of marijuana and arrested Snow.
Police say they found more alleged marijuana in Snow's pants. He has been released after posting bond.
McALLEN, Texas - A man was arrested for drug possession after telling authorities that two masked gunmen had stolen 150 pounds of marijuana from his home.
Hidalgo County sheriff's deputies arrived at the home near Penitas in South Texas to find the door kicked in and nearly 15 pounds of pot lying on the floor, Sheriff Lupe Trevino said.
Jose Guadalupe Flores, 35, escaped while the men ransacked the house but returned later and told the deputies he had been wrapping the drugs for shipment when the intruders arrived.
"The guy walked right up and said the drugs were his," Trevino said. "That's not the smartest move."
Flores, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was charged with felony possession of marijuana at an arraignment hearing Monday. Because of his immigration status, Flores will be jailed until his case is heard.
Authorities were still searching for the gunmen.
WINONA, Minn. - A pet pig whose weight tripled while it was in the care of a sitter has been placed on a diet - and an animal cruelty charge has been filed against the caretaker.
The 5-year-old animal, Alaina Templeton, part potbellied pig, has lost 10 percent of her 150 pounds and is recovering well from surgery to remove a collar that had become embedded in her overly fat neck, owner Michelle Schmitz said.
Alaina made headlines last week after Schmitz complained that the pet sitter had allowed Alaina to go from her normal 50 pounds to 150 pounds in just nine months. Schmitz had left Alaina with the sitter, a co-worker, while she was on medical leave to recover from ankle surgery.
Alaina apparently had been foraging for cat food and chicken feed outdoors at the co-worker's farm.Schmitz said now that her pet is back home, the excess pounds will "melt off" with a healthy diet and exercise.
She said she and Alaina's veterinarian consider 50 pounds a more suitable weight for the mixed-breed pig.A misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty has been filed against Mary Beesecker, 52, of Houston, Minn., Winona County Sheriff David Brand said.
"I want her to be held responsible for what she did and what she didn't do," Schmitz said.Beesecker did not immediately respond to a call from The Associated Press seeking comment Tuesday, and she has refused requests from The Winona Daily News for an interview.
TRUMANN, Ark. - Greg Vincent thought he was kidding when he told his 13-year-old son and a nephew that he could use his hunting knife to handle a snorting buck that was about to charge them.
In the woods in Fulton County for last weekend's youth hunt, the group was tracking a different deer that Vincent's son Kyle had shot when a six-point buck appeared in their path.
"I told everyone to just be still and see what he was going to do," Vincent said.
The buck was about 15 yards away, staring at them.
"We had left our guns at the camp, and all I had was a hunting knife," he said.
Most deer will run off when they see a person. Not this one.
"I took out my knife and jokingly told the boys I would take care of the deer if it attacked," he said. Then the animal lowered its head, shook its antlers, snorted, pawed the ground and advanced on them.
It got close to Kyle, and that's when Vincent rushed the animal. He grabbed the antlers, jerked the deer's head around and stabbed it in the ribs. Vincent said he hoped that would make the animal run away, but the animal kept struggling.
Vincent hung onto the deer's neck as they tumbled into a creek and he dropped the knife. He yelled for the boys to find the knife, and nephew Dillon Vincent placed the knife in his uncle's hand.
"When I stabbed the neck, I pulled the knife as hard as I could," Greg Vincent said, ripping a large gash that probably would have been fatal. The deer continued to struggle but was growing weaker. Vincent, who was a competitive weightlifter in high school, was tiring, too. Within moments, his father, Harvey Vincent, finished off the animal with a shot from Kyle's rifle.
The Vincents learned later from a game warden that the deer was aggressive probably because it was in rut.


emily said…
Google "cookie torture". THAT'S a story you shouldn't miss.

Oh, and a St. Louis lady bit off her ex-boyfriend's lower lip. The deputies found it on the floor, covered in cat hair.


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