Tamara's Survey

Are you sick or well? Getting over what started as a cold and has turned into an annoying cough.

Are you more like your mom or dad? I have my mom's diverse love of music and my dad's fantastic sense of humor.

Have you gained or lost weight this year? Gained. Awkward.

What did you last cry about? Probably the same scene in The Return of the King that I always cray at. Other than that, I started to get a bit misty recounting all the things I'm grateful for in the previous blog post (especially the part about Joe, my brother-in-law).

A TV show you never miss? 24

A TV show you wish were canceled already? Grey's Anatomy. I've never seen a single episode but I hate it more than any other show ever...except maybe Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives. I hate them all.

What would you do if you had an afternoon with George Bush? Throw a football around and try to find out everything about his policy decisions that the world seems content to speculate at, like the real reason for the Iraq War or his real motivations on the oil crisis. I don't disagree with him, but I would like to know the facts rather than rely on political and media speculation.

First thing you will tell God after you die: So, how'd I do?...or Thanks for the beautiful planet...or Thanks for my wife!

The song that keeps getting stuck in your head: Right now, Knockin' on Heaven's Door is banging around up there, but only because it was playing on my blog when I logged on. But usually it just depends on what I've heard in the last few minutes.
First thing you do in the morning on vacation: There's morning on vacation?

What is the most important room in your house? Either the kitchen (food) or bedroom (sleep). Wherever my wife is.

Name something yummy in your freezer: Ice cream

Brand of shampoo in your shower: Suave Aloe and Water Lily. It smells good, so leave me alone.

Plans for 2008: Not fail.

Name someone you miss terribly: Russians. And my Grandpa Young, since I feel close to him as I transcribe his life story.

Name someone you wish would go away: Hilary Clinton, Parlintney Hilohears (Paris, Lindsay and Britney), and Al Sharpton. And the BCS (not a someone, but I don;t like it all the same).

First place you'd go in a time machine: Somewhere historic. Too many to choose from, but some ideas- the Creation, Jerusalem between 30 and 33 AD, America during the Revolution

First place you'd go if you were invisible: Wherever the CIA keeps all it's fun and interesting secrets.
Somewhere you only like to go alone: The bathroom, when nature calls.

Somewhere you would never go alone: Heaven, a dark alley, a haunted house.

Name something you are afraid of: Failing as a husband and/or father, something happening to Tamara, something happening to me and leaving Tamara behind, cowardice, something happening to anyone in my family

Name something you are no longer afraid of: Prayer

A band you would go on tour with: The Wallflowers

A famous person you would hang out with: Albert Pujols, Mitt Romney, Hans Zimmer

The first thing you'd change about your appearance: My gut. And double chin. And nasty feet.

Your best physical feature: Smile. New haircut. Eyebrows (according to Joe's sister Mary).

Something you find irresistible about your significant other: No room to list them all. But for starters, her spirit, her soul, her laughter, her Southern drawl, her eyes, smile, feet, hair, and everything in-between


Tamara said…
Babe, you are so forgetful....need I constantly remind you that you cried last week, at the finale of "Blades of Glory" when Chazz starts talking about his father's death? That was so embarassing, and now everyone knows!
J.Ammon said…
You look so excited that you make me jealous.

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