Introducing a New Daily Feature

It started yesterday, when I titled a story in our news rundown "Sux to be Oprah," referring to an incident in which hundreds of copies of her magazines were spilled all over a Texas highway. Couple that with the South African sexual harassment nightmare, and Oprah has had a rough week.
Then, today, I titled a story "Sux to be O.J.," because on top of his trial preliminaries beginning today (for the second major criminal trial in less than 15 years), O.J. has been denied from Las Vegas hotels. Double whammy!
So, upon noticing this, one of the directors said, "We should have a regular segment on the news called "Sucks to be...," and choose a subjet every day.
Since we can't do that on air, of course, I decided to create a daily "Sucks to be" space on the blog (for Mom's sake, I included the word "stinks").
So I hope you enjoy "Sucks (Stinks) to Be...", courtesy of KRCG director Chris Kelly and yours truly!


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