Allow Me a Personal Moment

I would simply like to express my love for my wonderful wife. It's been a tough couple of weeks for us financially, and through it all, my wife has been so patient and thoughtful, more so than me. She means the world to me, and every time the realization comes that my pride has gotten in the way again, that my selfishness has taken place over her needs and her wishes, I feel the same way I did when I hit that little sparrow a couple months ago.

Tamara, I love you, and I love who you are. You have made and still make me so happy and so complete. And I love your new haircut. You are my everything. And my heart is always yours.

I love you, babe!


Tamara said…
I love you, too! I know we don't always agree, and we don't see things the same way, but it makes both of us stronger, having to work through those problems. I appreciate having a husband like you...I really am Heavenly Father's favorite, b/c he sent you to me (and me to you). You are my best good friend (thanks, Ricky Bobby) and you mean the world to me.

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